Listen to Your Body

My confession this morning is that I didn’t wake up for a workout, in fact I contributed to the cancelation of it (if not caused it :)), rolled over and went back to sleep. This makes me feel terribly guilty, I suppose it’s much the same as over indulging in treats, or snacks and then feeling horrible about it for hours, days or weeks after.

I always tell those I’m working with that deal with heavy guilt on a regular basis, ‘that guilt does more damage than the actual action’ (of snacking in this case). I’d say, enjoy it, and then leave it behind and get better the next day, which is exactly what I’ll do.

listen to your body

The truth is, I didn’t sleep well, which is odd for me and I was also feeling a little worn down. I worked out Mon-Fri as usual the week before, took Saturday off and then did a yoga class Sunday morning and a regular workout later in the afternoon. Then the next day I did our regular 5am workout (roughly 45mins) and then another 20 min workout (which was our live workout yesterday).

I suppose these could all sound like excuses and I suppose they could very well be but what I’m getting at here is, our bodies tell us exactly what they need if we listen. I understand we’re not all able to roll over if we have to get up for work for example.

And please don’t mistake this these examples or yourself rolling over and going back to bed (if you scheduled a morning workout) for no reason or simply because you didn’t feel like it. It’s equally as important if not more, to get into a routine, stick to it and push through those difficult times when you don’t feel like getting up.

I mean if we need to take it easy for a day regarding workouts. If maybe a good stretching day or long walk would be more beneficial. If we’re just starting out and extra sore, it’s okay to take a day off (hopefully it’s the scheduled day) but those scheduled off days are there for a reason (which is why it’s important to take them).

We all need to let our bodies heal, recover and get back to full strength (without the guilt) and again if we listen our bodies they’ll tell us exactly what we need.

You may notice low energy one day after skipping a few meals, unfortunately many people would look to an energy drink or coffee (which masks the symptoms) instead of looking deep down and realizing those extra meals missed caused you to have low energy.

No different when it comes to hydration. You might notice yourself parched one day no matter how much water you drink. Well you’re not parched because you’re thirsty that day, it’s because you didn’t drink enough water the day before. So have something natural that will help with hydration like coconut water, drink a little extra water and feel the benefits of being hydrated the next day.

We all need little reminders and we all need to pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. Listen, care for your body, treat it like you love it, like it’s the only one we have and you can let go of the guilt as well knowing you’re listening to what your body needs.