Living in Vacation Mode

The issue with living in vacation mode, is that we don’t realize we’re living in vacation mode. Given that it’s our neighbours just South of the boarder’s Thanksgiving I thought a ‘holiday nutrition post‘ was necessary. Then of course we have Christmas, which many would say is, ‘right around the corner’.
But the truth is Christmas is here right now, we may not know it but we’ve already started celebrating Christmas events, parties, drinks, desserts and more.
That’s why that holiday weight creeps up on us, we don’t realize it actually starts weeks away from the actual day. That’s why it’s so hard to ‘get back on track’ in the new year.
The lifestyle we’re living right now ‘holiday mode or not’ are continually being reinforced when we skip a meal, stay late for a drink, go to a party, host a gathering; it seems to never end at this time of year.
You know exactly what I’m talking about, it seems like every weekend is booked with gatherings and parties right up until the big day, then of course the closer we get the more it becomes nightly events instead of weekly or weekend events.
living in vacation mode
Do you know that research shows holiday weight gain isn’t actually lost throughout the year. We plan on it, we consider it but think about it. If you’re on a ‘program’ or a couple weeks into the new year (which is exactly how long most last with their new years resolutions), that’s a shorter amount of time than many will be in ‘vacation mode’ this specific holiday season, let alone all the others throughout the year.
If you add up Birthday’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the little ones in between we spend far more time in vacation mode than we do on any type of healthy living program, which is why those programs don’t work, and why it’s so important to live a healthy lifestyle all the time.
Diets don’t work, detoxes….for the birds, weekend fasts, no to that one too. If you want to see sustainable changes in your life. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid living in vacation mode most of the year, and if you’re tired of wondering when you’ll drop this extra lbs then start right now.
Make the decision today that you’re going to make a change, not for the weekend, not after the holidays but start right now. Find one thing you can work on to improve your health.  And remember, ‘every journey begins with a single step’, the only question is, when will you take yours?
If you’re interested in taking your first step today, instead of waiting for not your life but your health to pass you by, click here.