There is so much stress around giving at this time year. How much do you spend, what would someone like, where to find it, will they use it, appreciate it, the list never ends.

I suppose I’m thinking, if you really want to make someone happy, if you want to give them a gift they’ll really like and appreciate. Course you could go to any box store, buy an expensive gift and depending on the price, see a big smile across their face.

Personally I try to give more thoughtful gifts. Gifts that take time to make or purchase, not exactly choosing something because of the price tag (large or small).

I feel like it takes more time to find something that a person would really appreciate, it takes more effort to put your own love and energy into a gift when you make it or prepare it yourself (or at least put it together).

However the stress around giving seems to rise no matter what you buy, so here’s my perspective that I wanted to share with you.

stress around giving

Now I entirely understand this sounds selfish and rightly so, it’s meant to be, simply because of how much we stress ourselves out around finding the perfect gift.

Buy someone a gift for you. That’s right, buy them the perfect gift that makes you happy to give. Consider what they want a little less, push aside, if they’ll use or appreciate, because the time and effort you put in is for both you and them isn’t it?

When you give a gift you’re giving in part for yourself aren’t you? We give gifts so we’re appreciated a bit more, so we’re not thought of as ‘cheap’, so when they present you with a gift you have something in return and lastly of course, to make ourselves feel good.

Boxes, packaging, cheap sales and more flood the market; door steps, under the christmas tree and more at this time of year.

So during the season I’m suggesting giving a gift that makes you happy and content with what you’ve given. Recognize that you’ve done a good job in putting in time, effort and love with each decision you make, be true to yourself and let the stress around giving subside as your health actually improves this time of year.

We think the weather causes us to feel ill around Christmas time, when in fact I’d say it’s the stress that breaks down our immune system in trying to get to every party, find the perfect gift and making everyone happy, meanwhile we’re stressed, ill and miserable at the most happiest time of year.

In closing let me recap in saying, buy gifts for you this year to give away and see what happens. If nothing else, it’ll be fun experiment.

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