My Phone

My Phone

I love you
in fact I love you more than anything
I take you with me wherever I go
When I don’t have you I feel lost

You’re the most important thing to me in the world
I always want you by my side
The bed, bathroom, while I’m eating, even watching tv
You’re my world

I can always count on you
You’ll always be there for me

You’re the first thing I see the morning
I even check to see if you’re still there in the middle of the night
And you’re the first thing I check in with in the morning

I’ll stop any conversation to check on you
When I’m with someone else I’m thinking about you
You’re the most important thing to me

I treat you better than my spouse
In fact I’m often paying more attention to you when my spouse is in the room
And kids, we’ll they’re just a distraction
Even when they’re around I want to be with you more

I don’t know what I’d do without you
Never leave my side
I’d be lost without you