My Superhero – Life of an Entrepreneur

I think it’s easy to see all the good things, the smiles and the laughs and the beach – even the palm trees. You don’t exactly see all that goes on behind the scenes.

So here’s a sneak peak at what life looks like at least for this superhero.

Dorothy is up at 4am working on Young Living – answering questions, planning information groups, scheduling posts for her groups, coming up with prizes, contests and more.

9am rolls around – she’s at school making videos for her kids, trying to figure out how to move much of the regular information online for her students, answering endless emails from concerned parents (and rightly so).

It’s now 3pm and what may be the end of a long day for some could be considered only the beginning. Now it’s time for True Form work. Helping me design new labels, listening to my crazy ideas (which area always, always, supported) putting together Earth Day (or Easter Bunny) packages – marketing conversation, new product ideas and more.

*And today she joined me for a few deliveries to happy customers.

7pm rolls around and she jumps on a live video for one of her private groups. Then she places a couple orders for customers, clients but more importantly friends. Makes a coaching phone before she jumps in a detoxing bath which will be followed by bed time…all to wake up and do it again tomorrow.

This isn’t an exception, it’s not an odd day. It’s life; it’s entrepreneur life. Which I wanted to share with you. I know many people are busy and have expectations and responsibilities. I simply wanted to share with you a story of my Super Hero.

On top of that she planned a drive by surprise quarantine Birthday for me (sending endless messages asking people to show up), a special and delicious breakfast, an evening picnic and some of my favourite goodies.

If that’s not super human, I don’t know what is. So next time someone says ‘you’re so lucky to be at the beach all the time’ know every single one of these tasks that happen on a daily basis rushes through my mind – thinking ‘I wish they knew luck has nothing to do with it’.

I hope you have a Super Hero in your Life. We all deserve one -and I’m guessing few of us are fortunate to have one.