What you see as fearful, I find peace. Excitement.
What is too hard to believe for many, I find comfort.

  • Less transport shipments = more supporting local.
  • People quitting their jobs = more entrepreneurship. More entrepreneurship means more people following their purpose.
  • More censorship = new platforms opening up. New platforms means one platform like Google/Facebook, etc, has less power.
  • School boards crashing = more home schooling, and more communities raising children. Less government involvement.
  • Health care collapsing = more home remedies that have been used for thousands of years, which also means less addiction to medication.
  • Currency changing from what we knew as banks, along with cash and investments = trading for goods and services. Which is how ‘money’ began = getting a fair ‘wage’ for what you have to trade.

Is this too much for people to imagine, of course it is. Do I sound like I need to be in a looney bin, yup! It’s too hard to fathom, it takes too much brain power to believe this could possibly happen.The truth is, this already happened we just can’t see it yet.


The world is already upside down, and we haven’t even hit rock bottom. And that’ll look far worse than it does today. But the good news is, we win. The good always wins out. More people will wake up, more people will speak out. And that will continue to happen until things get so bad they have to change for the better.


Once that happens, more community, more love and more compassion will show itself.


Stay strong, stay together, find your tribe, find your communities that believe as you do and don’t let anyone change your mind, and certainly not your intuition. That’ll lead you through all the fabrication they would have you believe, which is much easier to understand.

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