No Plastic Bags

I was at the grocery store, loaded up the counter at the till and my phone rang.

So I was only half paying attention when the clerk started filling my produce in plastic bags. I said, no plastic bags please. She must have thought I was talking to the person on the phone.

So I went over and started taking my groceries out of the plastic bag (while still on the phone). She looked at me seemingly upset, I whispered with a smile, I don’t need plastic bags thank you.

Then she rolled her eyes and started next to tossing my food on the counter like I did something wrong?

No Plastic Bags

I mean I try not to take these things personally and maybe she was having a bad day. But I thought that was a little much. Yes I could have been more clear, but none of my items were in plastic bags when I got there because I don’t want to use plastic. But I suppose that could have been hard to notice?

At any rate, just a little story to share from the grocery store. I like to shop at the farmers market whenever possible because farmers are always appreciative of your support.

And I suppose in the future, I’ll avoid any phone calls until my groceries are packed in the car 😉.