Earlier in the summer I was buying fruit and veggies from a truck on the side of the road. When I approached the man working, we opening with a regular conversation, after I decided what I wanted he began filling my fruit in plastic bags, I said oh no I don’t do plastic.

He looked at me in surprise and said, no one has ever said that to me before. I think earlier in my life when I first found out how toxic plastic was, what a waste in many different ways I would have been too shy or maybe self conscious to say anything; to ask him to use something other than plastic. I would have wondered what he’d think of me or if I was putting him in a bad spot.

But that was in the past, now I do everything I can to stay away from plastic bags, plastic containers and other plastic things not needed. You know what happened, nothing. The guy was more than happy to accommodate me, he found cardboard containers and I found a couple bags in my car.

What was really cool, when I came back the next week the man said ‘your the guy that doesn’t use plastic, what can I get you?” I thought, isn’t that great. I don’t mind being knows as a person that tries to stay away from plastic, in fact I’m proud of it.

no plastic please

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