Let’s talk about a few basics concerning nutrition.  Starting off with metabolism, this is what burns fat.  Some people have a slow metabolism and some have a fast one.  So those people that can eat whatever they want and don’t gain an once have a fast metabolism.  There are different things we can do to increase our metabolism.

For nutrition purposes, the number one thing we can do to increase our metabolism, get our body burning calories and into the fat burning stage is EAT.  I know this is hard to believe.  It’s a common misconception that the more we eat the more weight we gain.  This is nothing more than a myth.  Although, there is a loop hole; the more unhealthy foods we eat, the more weight we gain.  I’ll get into more details on that another time.

We can’t lift weights all day, and we certainly can’t run or do different forms of cardio all day long, but what we can do is eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and add resistance training to our workout regimen.  All these factors will help to increase our metabolism and help us reach the goals we are after.

I’m not going to tell you to starting eating every two hours right now or to make sure you are having 6 meals a day.  That would be the same thing as telling a beginning exerciser to run a marathon.  What I would like to do is help you slowly increase how much and what kind of food you are putting in your bodies.

Let’s take a car for example, it needs gas for fuel.  Our bodies are the same way.  Think of food as gasoline for your body, without the gasoline we can’t function at our best ability throughout the day.  The other thing, is our metabolism stops when there is no gasoline in our system.

The word breakfast is exactly that, we are breaking a fast. Our bodies don’t have food from around 6-8hrs, which brings our metabolism to a screeching halt.  That is why it’s best to eat something as soon as you get up to get your metabolism running again.

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