only taking 12 participants for our 30 day Fitness Challenge

We had some questions come in recently, one of them is, why are you only taking 12 participants for our 30 day Fitness Challenge?

So here’s what happens from participants when we put one of these challenges together that we’ve been doing for over 10 years. You can always break the group down into thirds. 33% are all in. These participants usually post, participate, they buy in from the start and see the Most results.

Then you have the second tier of the next 33%. These ones are mostly in. Kind of half in half out. They are mostly there but not 100%, they don’t always post or participate but put in most of the work.

Then you have the bottom 33%, this is the % of the group that doesn’t put in much effort at all. They might start late, ‘plan‘ on showing up or catching up, they don’t really participate, want to but never really do. These ones see the least amount of results.

So here’s what we’re looking for and why there are only 12 participants. Because we’re looking for MASSIVE Results. We want the top 33% that are willing to show up, participate, and see the MOST results possible. In fact we guarantee it, which is why we want those willing to rock it from the get go.

We’ve also put in a lot of work, not just with the Bonus makeover (Hair, nails, make up and professional pics). But we also have a welcome package that other businesses in the area will be contributing to.

Like some free workouts at local gyms. We have Clay and Shelley from Sunshine Blends (who make our Mag Bucha), that will be adding a bottle of juice and kombucha, Connie from Reflections health spa who will be offering an infrared sauna each week of the challenge, we have Candice, from Cocoa Tree Bake Shoppe who will provide a turmeric latte, etc.

We have more fun kind of stuff like this but with only 12 participants it’s only fair the ones that are interested in putting in the most effort should be rewarded with awesome gifts like this.

This challenge isn’t for everyone. It’s for those that are tired of feeling miserable, low energy and can’t stand what they see in the mirror. Those are are fed up and want to see a change so bad that they’re willing to jump in with two feet and make a real change in their lives.

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