Doesn’t this old time saying ring true. Over the last few months I am really learning the importance of patience.

Yesterday as Drew and I were cruising down the beach on our bikes I was deep in thought. Not saying much. Which is unusual for me but I was reflecting on what a gorgeous day it was.

I was thinking back to all the times we wished we were living at the beach full time and now we are here. Living our dream. Looks like magic on the outside.

Patience Takes Practice

One day we weren’t here and now we are here but a lot of hard work went into getting here. We had to make a lot of sacrifices including leaving my career, saying no thank-you to opportunities to train in our community that we love.

I thought about all the time it took to get us where we wanted to be. WOW!! not days, not weeks, not months…YEARS!!!!

POW!!! The lightbulb in my head flicked on and it was shinning bright as ever!!!

I looked over at Drew and said proudly “Patience really IS the virtue of life isn’t it” I paused for a moment because even I was surprised at the words that just came out of my mouth.

Drew smiled and I chuckled and said “That is pretty deep isn’t it” haha

Patience has got to be one of the MOST difficult things to hold on to. In this fast passed, answers at our fingertips, instant results kinda of world we live in today I feel like we are losing the art of patience.

Without patience how can we reach our goals? How can our dreams come true? These things take time, effort and most of all patience.

These days it seems like, when we want something, we want it now. When that doesn’t happen in a time frame that we are happy with. We quit. What the heck!!! It just doesn’t seem right.

Wake-up call!! Nothing happens over night. The old “big break”, “Get rich quick”, “Drop inches in weeks” schemes are just that. Marketing Schemes!! That’s all.

When we have a goal we must hold on to it tightly. Work day after day and trust that our patience will one day set us free.

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