Personal Training/Fitness Classes

I understand this is a  big decision for you.  Having a personal coach, trainer or anyone that will help you along on your journey to health is a big deal and should be treated as such.  It’s important to do proper research to know if your beliefs, values and mind set on are the same page if you’re going to be successful with your trainer.

First of all let me start with what I’m not:

  • I don’t do anything directed toward quick this quick that
  • I don’t do the last 10lbs bootcamp
  • I don’t push conventional supplement or pills
  • I’m not looking to keep you as a client forever, together we’ll work towards empowering you with the confidence to carry on with your own strength (don’t get me wrong though, I don’t plan on working with you for a couple weeks and sending you off on your own)
  • I don’t train those who are only looking to drop weight for a short amount of time i.e. before a wedding, vacation, etc.

What I do:

  • I train those looking to make a lifestyle change
  • I help you made decisions for yourself and encourage you along the way
  • I offer nutrition advise and help you make better choices
  • I look at habits, environment and actions to help you achieve your success
  • I help you work towards lasting sustainable changes in a healthy manner

Not everyone is a match, we all know that.  If all you need is a program, there are plenty on the internet, you likely don’t need a trainer.  If you’re looking to train as quick and hard as possible for a short time and then go back to your regular lifestyle, there are plenty of other trainers out there that can help you with this.  But if you’re looking to make real life changes, if you want to improve your health for the rest of your life and if you’re willing to work to get results then I have no doubt I can help you get there.

The very first thing we would do before we even talk about pricing or packages is email or talk on the phone to see if we’re a right match for each other.  This is like a consultation where I  go over your goals, your values and beliefs and at the same time you interview me to see if I can help you get to where you want to go.

Don’t wait any longer, stop putting your health on the back burner. If you’re serious about this, if you really want to make a change you can email me right now, today to get started on the right foot.  And if you’d like to call I promise to get back to you just as soon as I can.  888-572-5552.

And don’t forget to sign up for my weekly newsletter that I personally write and send out each week.  This will offer lifestyle tips, nutrition, fitness, recipes and more.  You don’t want to miss out on this, it’s a great way to get started and get your health back on track!

And here’s the link if you’re looking for more information on Fitness Classes.