What makes True Form’s Magnesium more expensive than other Magnesium products?
#1. Let’s start off with the environment. We choose glass bottles to reduce plastic. Some people don’t care about this but we do. Which is why we choose glass bottles.
Glass bottles are more expensive (to purchase and to ship) and we’ve had quite a few issues with them breaking during shipping, which means our costs go up.
We could use cheap plastic like many other companies which means our profit margin would be higher and your cost would go down but that’s not the route we want to go.
#2. We use 3 different forms of Magnesium. Most companies use 1 form. 3 different ingredients means 3 different costs which all vary.
We want to offer more benefits than just one mag has to offer which is why and how we’ve found our 3 Magnesium All-Stars!

#3. Take Magnesium Threonate for example. It’s the most expensive mag you can find. We actually considered not using it because of the cost but we also know this is the BEST Mag for Brain function. To help with mental clarity, anxiety, depression, etc.  

We fully believe we can partner with anxiety and depression companies in the future to offer a product that can truly make a difference in mental health through the brain. We didn’t want to sacrifice the benefits of brain health because of cost.  

#4. We chose liquid form because it’s the most absorbable. You could find a lower quality pill or powder (pills especially don’t absorb at a high rate) but you wouldn’t get as much Mag out of it as you would in a liquid for.  

Our Mag is 95% absorbable which is why so many people feel nearly instant benefits – especially compared to other Magnesium products.   When taking a lower quality Mag pill for example your body will absorb 10-20% which means you’re only getting that much out of it. When taking our liquid Mag your body is absorbing almost 100% of the product.  

#5. No Cheap fillers – We don’t have any cheap fillers to water down our product. You’ll find many different forms of chemicals and ingredients our body either doesn’t need or shouldn’t have in most conventional Mag supplements.  

This helps them look better, taste better, last longer, they make the pills whiter and the liquid clearer. These all pollute the Mag in it’s purest form. Which makes it hard to absorb and it puts added toxins in our bodies.  All making other products cheaper to produce.  

#6. Support – we put a lot of time and effort into our product. Our goal is to education our fans, followers and customers so they know exactly what they are taking, how to take it and what to stay away from.  

Many companies simply put out products for profit. That isn’t our goal with True Form or with our products. We’re here for support, we answer questions every day, we follow up with customers and we want you to know we’re here for you.  

It would take far less time, effort and cost if we didn’t care about our people as much as we do. Which is another reason other companies can keep their costs down without offering any type of educational videos, blog posts, private groups and more.   

And lastly, I’ll leave you with, at $30 for a month supply, we thought $1/day for your health and all the benefits that our Mag has to offer, is more than reasonable. We hope you feel the same way too!  

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  1. I recently started using True Form liquid Mag and spray mag. Not only do I find it extremely helpful with my leg pain, but the service I have received is excellent. If the product is not back ordered it will be sent out immediately and I have rec’d it here in BC within 24 to 48 hours after ordering. Definitely a wonderful product and people.
    Thank You

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