My story this morning goes out to all my entrepreneurial spirited friends 

In this entrepreneur world I have learned that it is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. There are some great pleasures that I love but there are definitely days when I feel like throwing in the towel because it’s so darn hard.

But, I gotta tell ya! What keeps me going is being able to wake up everyday, in a place that was once only a dream and “work” a business that I am so passionate about, that we created, that is ours. Nothing compares to that. Pure happiness.

One thing we hear very often is “It must be nice to work your own hours”. Yes but as every entrepreneur knows “your own hours” means ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY-EVERYDAY!

Last week I wrote about being on the grind all the time and never giving up until you reach your goal. If you missed that you can read it here.


This concept is what Drew and I live by but it doesn’t mean that it’s pretty or that we like it all the time. The lows can get low.

In fact, just this past week I hit a pretty bad low point. Have you ever woke up, started your day, nothing really went right so you felt like you should just go back to bed and try again tomorrow. That’s exactly how I felt.

I kept questioning what I was doing. Questioning my ability. Telling myself I wasn’t cut out for this. All the hours put in aren’t amounting to anything, I told myself, I am getting nowhere. What’s the point? The thoughts in my brain kept saying over and over again. It’s too hard!! I just want to go back and work for someone else and get a pay check. Sometimes that does seem like an easier option.

I allowed myself a bit of time to be in this negative space, I vented to my good friend Cori who is a very good listener and advice giver. I pouted. I cried on Drew’s shoulder. Then I peeled myself off the couch and decided the pity session was over.

I got changed, put my running shoes on and took my frustrations out on the pavement.

I know that this journey takes time, I know that if I put in the hard work day after after day the results will come but MAN it’s tough to be patient!!

Now I am not saying it’s all bad. There are some pretty amazing highs!!! My number one has got to be the FREEDOM! Freedom to work from anywhere. Freedom to do what I love. Freedom to work with my love. Freedom to decide.

We have been very blessed with an amazing group of people who support us. Who believe in what we do. Who stand by us no matter what. You are our driving force. Who are our why. We can’t be more grateful for that.

So what I am saying is you need to take the good with bad. Not just in the entrepreneur world but in life. It’s not always going to perfect! It’s not always going to be enjoyable! It’s not always going to be sunshiny and bright. There are dark moments, dark days, dark chapters but let it be just that. A moment, a day or a chapter.

Embrace the suck!! Welcome it for a short period of time but don’t let it consume you every single day. Don’t let the sucky times suck the life outta ya!! When you are in a negative place, allow yourself a certain amount of time to be there and then get outta there. Phone a friend, go for a walk, watch a funny movie and LAUGH! Do what you need to do to bring yourself back.

Do what you love and love what you do. That’s what living in this world is all about!!

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