I’ll be the first to say these mandates are ridiculous. Being forced to quit your job because you choose NOT to take medication. It’s absolutely preposterous! I have to believe good will win out. As the truth continues to come out, there is a very ugly dark side that will show itself not just to the few but to the masses.

This is criminal and there will come a time when there will be a reckoning for these tyrants who will have to answer for their actions.

Quitting your Job Because of Mandates

But that time isn’t now. For now, we have to weather the storm and find a way through this. We have to grit our teeth, stand strong together and hang on to our morals however possible.

I’m not saying it’s easy, many will make the most difficult decision they’ll ever have to make.

Put your morals to the side to keep your job, career and livelihood, or take the road less traveled. Stand strong in your beliefs and find another way to get by. I know what I would choose, but it’s not for me to judge. For those that decide to take a different path, maybe this will help.

Quitting your Job Because of Mandates

Work for cash if possible, find a company you already use and support, and see if they have work. Offer your skills that you are already good at, which could be a hobby to trade for products or services that you need.

Tough love time: It is NOT the time to feel sorry for yourself. it is not the time to sit and wait and hope. It’s the time for action! Grit your teeth and find a way. No I’m not in your position but for years I struggled to run a business for profit. I went back to construction which I said I’d never do, I picked bottles to help pay for rent, I did whatever it took, and so can you.

There is a time and place for school, but this isn’t it. Spending money to increase your credentials in hopes to find a job in the future isn’t going to put food on the table right now.

Here are some easy entry ‘jobs’ that don’t have any upfront costs. You may need to swallow your pride but at times we all have to.

Cut lawns, shovel driveways, car detailing, home repairs, grocery shopping for others, virtual assistant. The list goes on. Find a way, make sacrifices, and we’ll get through this together.

Quitting your Job Because of Mandates

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