Redefining Success: Beyond the Scale on Our Journey to Transformation

It’s worth noting that we don’t love the scale, in fact it’s my belief that it’s the least accurate measure of success. Then why post about it you may ask? First of all most people want to see tangible results. They want to see the scale move.

And also because we need a starting point, and we also need it for your meal plan. Which is why we ask for you to add it to your app profile even if you don’t love the number you see.

But this is also why we take progress pics and measurements. I know I explained this in a doc attached to your welcome email. I’m not sure everyone has read that, regardless it’s worth repeating.

We have a proven path to success, all you have to do is follow it. We need to track good weeks just as much as not so good weeks, in fact the less than desirable weeks will tell us more about how much we’ve been on track than the successful weeks.

Also consider that some weeks you won’t see a difference on the scale, but over time you will see a difference in pictures.

So try not to let your entire week be ruined by what your scale says. Participate in the group, lean on others when in need, add in your wins at the end of the week on the FB group to adjust your mind around success instead of failure.

And above all else, stick to the program, because it works! We have a step by step process that is your MAP to Success, you just have to follow it. No it won’t always be easy, but everything (like measurements) is in place for a reason.

Let’s take it one step at a time, brick by brick, we can make it happen!

*PS…this is Lora’s amazing results. She’s been consistent and she’s stuck to the program. And this is what happens when you do. We’re excited to share she’s graduated to the maintenance stage of the program!
(this doesn’t mean you can’t go back to the fat burn stage, but for now we’re going to maintain her results before she disappears 🤣🤣🤣

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