Mindful Dining: Tips for Eating Out and Protecting Your Digestive Health

Here’s my once every 3-6 months beer ๐Ÿ˜‰. I have zero judgement for those that enjoy a drink once in a while or on a regular basis. However, I do have some tips for you when eating/drinking when out.

We always take our chlorella with us, we also take activated charcoal before we leave and then again when we get home to protect our digestive system. Charcoal will also help absorb the alcohol which is beneficial in many ways, especially to protect your liver.

The odd time when we have fish, we also always take chlorella because it helps detox the hard metals found in fish from the polluted oceans.

A couple other tips, when eating out. Dorothy and I always share an appetizer, and then we share a main. As you can see from the pic this is always more than enough food since we’re conditioned to eat small meals throughout the day (which is what we teach to put your body in a fat burning stage by increasing your metabolism).

In most cases I drink hot lemon water with my meal to help with digestion, and always avoid ice water which does the opposite.

And lastly, if going to a place for the first time, we check the menu first before we go. We decide exactly what we want and don’t let any temptations get in our way once we arrive.

Hope some of those tips help you choose better when you’re out. There’s nothing wrong with eating out, we encourage supporting local establishments.

But we also encourage taking the right precautions to protect your digestive system and overall health.

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