Slow Sustainable Changes

Alright, so I very well know the title isn’t going to turn too many heads, now that we got that out of the way let me explain. I believe for the most part, quick results leave just as quickly as they come. What sounds cliche holds true in the fact that, “it’s the journey that makes it worth while”.

Let’s look at quick results for a moment. I can tell you the exact way to lose weight in a short amount of time, ready for it? You carb deplete, dehydrate and do some form of cardio for 1hr a day (2 if you’re extreme). Any type of fitness or bodybuilding competitor or coach for that matter knows that much.

Now think about the stress you put on your internal system by dehydrating, carb depleting (there’s actually something called ketosis which personally I wouldn’t call a good thing (just my opinion)), then there’s the cardio but depending on your goals I wouldn’t say that much cardio actually does damage. However, without a doubt the first two do (again my opinion).

Then there’s the issue of holding on to these results you can gain in a short amount of time, which doesn’t happen because, well our body does need food, and it certainly needs to be hydrated. So in this case in point, we can get you quick results that won’t last. And I think if we looking down the line, most results that come quickly don’t last.

So let’s look at slow sustainable changes

Recently I was making breakfast when let’s call them ‘newer to health’ was having a conversation with me. The watched me pour and drink my homemade kombucha, they then watched me chop and blend my green smoothie, as I made reishi mushroom tea (with ginger, lemon, honey and gogi berries). And then finally watched as I made granola and put on top: hemp hearts, maca, gogi berries and almond milk.

Now, I think the average person starting out working towards a healthy lifestyle would say that’s a whole lot of health food I don’t understand. To be honest, that would be a lot to take for me if I was starting out, which is why I didn’t take that approach.

Now I teach the same way I learn, which is why maybe I’m a slow learner but I’m also able to sustainably live a healthy lifestyle. When I first tried a green smoothie I didn’t like it, so I didn’t drink it. A couple months later I tried it again, still not my favourite so I stopped again. Several months later I tried again and that’s when it stuck, that’s when I started to enjoy a green smoothie just about every morning since.

I like to think of a green smoothie of how a wilted plant reacts to water. It slowly rises as the water molecules flow up the roots towards the leaves.

My advice to this individual that was watching was, if you want to make a change in your life pick one thing. Just one. I’d suggest you focus on breakfast, have a your breakfast as often as you can until it becomes a habit and until you turn that habit into a ritual which means it’s now muscle memory. You do it without thinking about it.

I couldn’t imagine trying to do all of those things at once without having an experience doing one of them…so don’t.

Trying to do everything at once

So if you aren’t interested in slow sustainable changes, consider being so overwhelmed by all the things it takes to do everything at once that you don’t even start. Think about starting and then giving up after a week or two because you don’t see instant result as you struggle to do everything.

The all or nothing thing just doesn’t work!

If I had to think about doing everything at once, I’d think back to building my own websites. I wanted to run a business, knew I needed to have one but couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it so I had to teach myself.

At first glance if you look at all it takes to build a website it’s more than overwhelming (just like health and wellness). There is a domain, a server, hosting (I still don’t know the proper names all the time); then there is design, the backend or dashboard with themes, widgets and more. And don’t get me started on SEO (search engine optimization) which is how to get people to actually see your content, and then of course there’s content. It never ends!

Sounds like a whole bunch of gibberish to someone that hasn’t worked on a website before right? RIGHT!

Well that’s exactly how it is to someone that hasn’t been much into fitness before. Workouts, nutrition, classes, which workouts, which gym, which program; what nutrition to follow, who to listen to, what supplements to buy. IT. NEVER. ENDS.

So what’s the answer, to look for a quick fix because you know someone that took a share twice a day and they lost 20 lbs in a month, but then you started on the shake a little soon not thinking about how that same friend gained 30 lbs the next month after they stopped taking their shake.

slow sustainable changes

So how do we see changes?

There’s one way to get the results you want and to keep them. It’s to make slow sustainable changes. Now I know that’s not what you want to hear but I want to tell it to you anyways.

When I was building a website, I stopped looking at all the things I could or needed to do to get of the ground. I took one thing, took one step, focused on one idea because that’s all I could handle, it’s the only way I could move forward without throwing my arms up in the air and walking away (which really wasn’t an option if I was going to run my own business.

And that’s exactly how you have to think about making changes in your life for you health. By taking it one step at a time. Think about all the stress you’ll be reducing my not trying to do everything at once. Think about that one thing you can actually do or learn that will make a difference for the rest of your life.

This is the only way

Now I’m not saying this is the only way to get results, in fact I honestly feel that if we limit ourselves to only one way of getting results we narrow our scope of success. The of course everyone is different, everyone reacts differently to different styles of training, food, ideas and more.

But I will say, in this particular case, if you want lasting results, if you want t if you push your mind set past the quick fix, if you’re willing to put in the effort to get lasting results then this is the only way, because I hope I proved to you earlier in this post, you can get results quickly but not ones that will last.

And finally let me end with…

Even the most beautiful sunset in the world takes an entire day to set, which would feel extremely long if you’re waiting at the place it sets that morning.