It’s nice to know what’s to come especially for those that have been with us for a month or two. So I thought I’d highlight some of the exciting things that are to come regarding fitness, recipes, videos and more!

For the month of November we have 6 more brand new workouts to share, to add to our growing list of exercise routines, all with our body weight. And of course we’ll have video explanations to go along with them.

Here are some of the other things we have planned:

  • Now that winter is here and it’s chilly outside we have 3 more soup recipes to share with you, that are also detoxing!
  • And we also have also have an anti-inflammatory warm tea recipe to share with you which will help with inflammation and give your muscles and body a chance to recover more quickly.
  • We have a new ‘restoration’ video to help you heal your body on your ‘recovery day’.
  • At least 1 live workout
  • and one live video recipe
  • a new portobello mushroom dinner recipe
  • I have another exclusive Q & A planned for next month with one of our expert guests
  • This month we’ll be sharing news about True Form’s first retreat which is very exciting!
  • and finally the addition to fermented foods on a more regular basis which includes a video workshop

On top of the new special features we’ll have a new meal plan with different recipes each week (along with some returning ‘fan favourites’ as well, different combinations of workouts, with the new workouts added along with more fun and exciting giveaways and contests to keep you interested and involved.

Thank you so much for being a part of our True Form Monthly Membership, we hope this is something you enjoy and look forward to coming back to each month. This group is for you, so if you have any questions or requests for the next month, I’d love to hear your feedback. You’re welcome to leave your comments below or send me a private email:

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