Soup Kitchen Experience

Recently I had the opportunity to help out at a soup kitchen. I’ve always wanted to do this but I’m not sure why. I’ve always made excuses why I ‘couldn’t’. No time, too far, not sure where, how, what, etc. We could talk ourselves out of just about anything.
Given that I ran out of excuses and there was no good reason I could talk myself out of it, I had a conversation with the individual that runs the kitchen and talked myself into a job…at least for a few hours :).
Now, would you believe they put me in the kitchen? I love the kitchen! On top of that, I was chopping veggies (at least for a good hour). Might sound crazy to some, but I love the kitchen and I love vegetables so they couldn’t have given me a more suitable and enjoyable job.
Now a couple things come to mind, conversations that had me second guessing even sharing this post. Our uncanny ability to turn anything into something negative, from ‘you’re enabling them’, to ‘that’s not helping out the overall situation’. Shocking to say the least when all someone wants to do is help out.
soup kitchen experience
So my thoughts lead me back to Mr. Thoreau’s wisdom when he says, “there’s no such thing as a selfless good deed”. The truth of the matter is, I went to help out because it made me feel better about myself, and that’s it, that’s the reason I went. I feel good when I lend a helping hand. In fact I think we all do.
Anthony Robbins would say, one of the key factors to our success, to our ultimate happiness is ‘Contribution’, not matter where you are in life, how much money you have or don’t have. We as humans, need to feel like we’re contributing. I enjoyed myself so much, I’ll be going back…to make myself feel good.
Now on a different note, and less serious. I snapped a couple of pictures (not so great quality but it’s what I have) which couldn’t help bring me back to childhood memories of Bugs Bunny.
This is the biggest pot I’d ever seen! And you should have seen this sweet little lady, stirring this pot with a giant stick! Still makes me laugh when I picture it.
I hope you find it in you to give, no matter what type of twist someone else tries to put on the situation, you’ll be happy you did it, if for no other reason than your own happiness.