I think the mind set of feeling like we’re starting all over holds us back in more ways than we know. Feeling like we have to start all over prevents us from taking risks, from starring new challenges in the face. From actually starting over but the truth is we don’t actually ever start over.

You know that relationship you were in far too long, and now know you were in that relationship far too long (or maybe you’re in it now), that mind set of having to start over, of losing all the time invested, the thought of dating and developing that trust, all over again keeps you in that toxic relationship you know you should get out of.

That job, that 9-5 you can’t stand, the one where your boss talks down to you and coworkers sneer at you, the fear of having to start all over is what’s holding you back. It’s the reason you stay exactly where you are, wish you had the courage to leap but don’t.

It’s the exact same reason we’re stuck in the same financial situation that has us concerned about money each month those bills come around. The starting all over, the taking a step back, the difficulties of ‘new’, and challenges of being in a foreign environment.

The fact of the matter is, we never, ever start over. We learn new things, we go through different experiences, and we carry those with us for the rest of our lives. What we’ve learned in the past will serve us in the future. That experience, the one we learned at a young age, maybe the one that feels like your greatest failure, was your greatest lesson, it’s brought you forward and gives you the strength to try something new.

Each up and down that we go through in life gives us the courage, knowledge and experience, to be able to ‘start new’, to try something else, to show us that we can and will succeed if we’ll only take the leap.

So if this write up found you, maybe it’s time to understand that you don’t have to start all over, that the experience in life brought you here and will bring you through the next step which is to leap, start fresh and move closer in the direction of your dreams.

starting all over

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