Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie

Wake up feeling energized with this Complete Truth Protein Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie.Smoothies are great because you can pack them full of all kinds of nutrients. This makes them the perfect breakfast or snack to boost your mood and energy.

This Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie tastes great. There is just something special about the flavour combination of chocolate and strawberry together. The date adds a little sweetness so this Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie actually tastes like dessert.

Complete Truth Protein blends up so smooth that you won’t even know it’s there. It’s made with quinoa and hemp seeds. The healthy carbs and healthy fats from these foods will help keep you full for longer and make your energy last.

If you want to feel energized then this is the smoothie for you. Don’t wait, try it NOW!!


Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie


8-12 oz almond milk

1 date

1 banana

1/2 cup frozen strawberries

2-3 tbsp Complete Truth Protein

1 tbsp Cacao Powder

handful of spinach


Blend it up….

Place ingredients in the blender in the order listed above. Blast away. Enjoy!

Makes 1 smoothie

Complete Truth Proteinย 

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Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie