Summer Salads and Smoothies Event!

We had a such a great time at our last baking event Dorothy and I are back at it bringing you another event to our local community. This time we’ll be showing you how to make summer salads and smoothies!

Given that summer is just about here, we thought this would be the perfect time to show you how to make delicious, garden fresh salads. And how to combine beautiful flavours to give you mouth watering smoothies.


In this workshop we’ll be talking about the health benefits of salads, how to turn a side salad into an entire meal! And we’ll also show you how quick and easy a salad can be to make. And finally we’ll show you how to turn your regular salad into a dish the whole family will enjoy!

We’ll be covering toxins in conventional types of salad dressings and we’ll even show you how to make your own!

Summer Salads and Smoothies


Smoothies is a staple in our lifestyle diets and teachings at True Form. There’s no better way to jam pack nutrients into a single serving. The convenience is bar none, in literally minutes we’ll show you how to put together a delicious smoothie with tons of nutrients that will energize your day!

We’ll also show you how to turn a smoothie into an entire meal so you don’t feel hungry shortly after.

How to make Smoothies, what to add, what to avoid, and when to have smoothies will all be discussed and cleared up making you feel comfortable and confident in making and enjoying your own.

We will be featuring Complete Truth Protein (CTP) which was designed by us locally right here in Olds. This is a whole food supplement made with quinoa and hemp seeds. You’ll notice a next to instant and sustainable boost of energy when you start to use CTP without the crash of most synthetic types of energy drinks.

The reason is, any time you put better quality nutrients into your body, that your body can more easily digest, utilize and absorb, your body can more easily burn those nutrients off and turn them into energy!

Protein Supplements 

There are so many products out there, where do we go to buy, how much do we need to spend, what is good quality and what isn’t? So many questions and seemingly so little answers. Unfortunately, most conventional type of protein supplements do more damage than good.

You don’t have to go far to see all the toxins listed on the back of these products. If you are unable to read, pronounce or understand what is in these products there’s a very good chance you should stay away from it.

We’ll clear this up along with questions like, how much protein should I have in a day, what are the best sources, where to get them from and why it’s important to avoid toxic substances that do more damage than good.


We’ll also be talking about how by adding salads and smoothies you can increase your metabolism and help you burn body fat all day long! A key component in living a healthy lifestyle and adding quality nutrients that your body will thank you for.


Allergies are becoming more apparent these days which is why all of our ingredients will be free of gluten, dairy, soy and gmo’s.

Can Kids Come?

Absolutely! The earlier we get the kids in the kitchen, trying different ingredients, experimenting with different meals the better chance they have at enjoying these foods as they get older and continue on in living a healthy lifestyle.

When and Where?

The event will be held in Didsbury at the 582 Patio and Grill on Wednesday June 21st.

We’ll start at 7pm Sharp! ….and plan to end at 9pm. We will stick around to answer questions after.


Event specials

At these events we always have discounts or event specials if we have any products to sell. In this case we will be featuring Complete Truth Protein, which means you can purchase CTP at the event and it will be on discount for a special event price.

How to sign up

To sign up all you have to do is click whichever ‘add to cart button’ applies to you, directly below.

1 Person is $30

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2 People is $50

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*You can also pay these prices prior to the event right at the 582 Patio and Grill.

*We prefer payment in advance so we know how much supplies to purchase. However if you would like to pay at the door you are welcome to however the price is slightly different.

At the Door Payment 

2 people – $60

1 person – $35


Please let us know if  you have any questions or requests below, we’d love to hear from you!