The Benefits of Yogic Binds

Yoga is one of those exercise practices that just does a lot of good. It can boost your cardio level. It can work out stiff muscles. If can calm your mind. And different parts of an individual yoga practice have even more positive effects on the body.

Take binds—twists and turns: They build strength and aid digestion while improving focus. But you shouldn’t just jump into a yoga bind. To get your shoulders to twist and your arms to clasp, you need to loosen your muscles.

And you should know that even if you can’t get very far into a bind at first, that will change with time and practice. Props can also help you work through the incremental steps it takes to get into the pose and then deepen it. There are many different types of binds to add to your yoga practice; this graphic works through five of them while illuminating the continuing benefits of getting into a yoga bind.

Find Yourself in a Bind? The Benefits of Yogic Binds
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