The Giant Lie of Weight Loss: Why Calories In, Calories Out Doesn't Work for Women Over 40

How many times have you heard losing weight is simple, calories in, calories out? Just burn off more calories than you consume. This might be slightly mind bending or mind blowing to some of you reading because I’m going to tell you why that’s One Giant LIE.

Think about that for a moment, even consider your own circumstances. I’m guessing, not guessing, from my experience working with women 40+ for over 10yrs I can tell you for a fact, the majority of women in this age range don’t eat Enough calories throughout the day.

What does that mean, you don’t have proper digestion, you’re lacking energy, and you’re gaining weight because your metabolism is incredibly slow and has no chance of burning body fat.

What’s worse is, for the first time in years your body is going through changes like never before. You’re gaining weight like never before and here comes the hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and more. And you have no idea what to do about it.

And here comes this giant lie of, “I’ll just eat less and do cardio for hours, that should do it”. Let me tell you a secret that most ‘weight loss’ programs don’t tell you. And why you’re yoyo dieting never lasts.

When you’re losing weight quickly, it’s not fat you’re losing, it’s muscle. You’re nutrient deprived because you’re starving yourself. And when you start eating again, what happens? You gain all the weight back, but now it comes back in body fat instead of the muscle you’ve lost.

It’s a perpetual cycle that has brought you to confusion, frustration, and pain not only emotionally but physically because your body, including your joints, ligaments, tendons and bones have suffered over the years as you’ve continued to lose quickly and gain more back.

So what do you do?

A. You Start Eating more food so your body isn’t calorie and nutrient deprived.

B. You start yourself on a resistance training program (No not heavy lifting either), so you can actually build muscle and turn that body fat INTO muscle instead of burning muscle every time you jump on a cardio machine because you have no fuel (or food) in your body.

Stop doing hours of cardio, you’re wasting your time, and your muscle mass.

STOP starving yourself. Stop looking for quick fixes or short Term programs. And find something you’ll actually commit to. A program that knows your needs and wants. Those that have been there before that know exactly what you’re going through and know how to help.

If you’d like that to be us. Send us a DM, we’re ready to start the conversation today.

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