Unveiling the Difference: Personal Health Coaches vs. Personal Trainers

I feel like there’s a common misconception between personal health coaches and personal trainers, so let’s differentiate the two.

They’re very different professions. So when you’re looking for a personal trainer, many times people are looking for the services of a personal health coach, they just don’t know it.

So unless they’re an athlete or are looking for an orientation into a gym, you’re most likely looking for a personal health coach (or should be).

I started out in the personal training world. The schedule alone is challenging enough. You’re working early mornings, late evenings, cramming as many clients in as possible just to make ends meet.

You’re often working on the weekends, taking away from family or other fun things you wanna do, which often makes you resent the job. And sometimes the client.

As a personal health coach, you have more time. You’re not running to and from the gym. You’re not cramming as many clients in as possible.

You should have a personal health coach that can design you a customized workout program and follow up with you, making sure that’s being completed. And the same thing with nutrition.

Your coach should be following up with your meal plan, making sure you’re staying on track, etc.

Personal trainers should do the same. The problem is that they have so little time to make that all happen, which is why you want a personal health coach.

And this isn’t a post to go against personal trainers. There is plenty of very good ones out there, but they are hard to find.

And in my opinion the entire. structure of the personal training world is broken which makes it terribly hard to a trainer to find success and for the client to find success as well.

Which is why a personal health coach, in my opinion, is really what you should be looking for.

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