We Believe 2021 Will Be Our Best Year Yet

We Believe 2021 Will Be Our Best Year Yet

2020 was a tough year for many but I feel in any circumstance or situation we can find the positives and a way to be grateful.

First and foremost I said I DO to my best friend. It wasn’t the way we planned it but a perfect day is an understatement. We couldn’t be more grateful for the love and support, for the people, the weather and every single thing that happened that day and leading up to it.

We’re grateful for family even though we haven’t seen many of them in person recently. We’re grateful for their text messages, for zoom or facetime calls, we’re grateful for their health (besides a few bumps in the road) and that we look forward to spending time together very soon.

For the new friends we’ve made, the new ways we’ve found to stay connected, for the waves, smilesโ€ฆ..and maybe more than anything the memories we have had with them in the past which, let’s face it – we all take for granted.

For business. We know that business has been a very difficult time for many over the recent months and maybe the entire last year.

What many may not know is we’ve spent more time in tears, frustration, anger, even confusion over the last number of years. It’s hasn’t been a rough last year for us, it’s a been a grind the last 10 years as we struggled to find our niche, an audience, a clear path towards the direction we want to go.

After the first shut down we literally locked ourselves in the basement, created new products, better programs, increased our audience and found an incredible team that helped make it all happen.

Which means over the last year I couldn’t be happier to say, we’ve done well and finally after so much uncertainty we feel like we’re on the right track. We’ve finally found that traction we were looking for and are in a place we’ve always wanted to be. Mostly because we didn’t wait for ‘things to change’, we didn’t hope and we didn’t ask for any handouts, nor did we take any.

We worked even harder in the uncertainty we knew all too well and made it happen.

Let me end with, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but there is a stipulation. We have to be willing to change ourselves. We need to be willing to change our mindset, adjust our beliefs, change our thoughts and actions which ultimately change our lives.

Thank you all for the overwhelming support over this last year. Without question, we believe 2021 will be our best year yet!