We have to give people reasons to come back

I’ve been trying to work with a motorcycle shop to get my bike fixed. They’ve been really difficult to deal with, they seem like really nice guys, but almost zero personality. And it’s so hard to get past almost zero customer service. Not all that friendly, no person smiling. Just one word answers.

At the same time, I went to another business, but it smelled like smoke. It looked a little bit dirty. The plants were overgrown. I just thought, it is so hard to run a business, even if you’re good at it, even if you offer a good price, as customer service, you put in a little bit of effort to make it easier on yourselves.

All those little things matter, ‘how are you doing’ and ‘how’s your day going’. Vacuuming, watering plants. It sounds ridiculous relaying this message, but I got to tell you, we have to give people reasons to come back, not reasons to go elsewhere.