What are Essential Oils

Essential Oils are extracted from harvested plants, herbs and trees. They can be obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing or resin tapping.

So basically, THEY ARE PLANTS!!!

Pure Essential Oils have more healing power than the plants themselves because they are so concentrated. They are very potent.

You can use them for aromatherapy, personal care or household cleaning to enhance health benefits.


Not all essential oils are created equality so quality is really important. Young Living is a brand you can trust to be 100% Therapeutic Grade essential oil.

This means that the bottle contains exactly what it’s labelled as. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all essential oils. The guidelines for labelling are very loosely regulated which means you want to take special care when choosing what brand of essential oils you are using on you and your family.

How to use Essential Oils

There are three ways you can use essential oils:


➡️Used to uplift your spirit, purify the air in your home and support your immune system

use your favourite essential oils in your diffuser
rub 2-3 drops of essential oil between your palms and inhale
inhale directly out of the bottle


➡️Many oils are safe and beneficial to use directly on the skin

Place 2-3 drops of essential oil directly on the desired area and massage in. Repeat if desired.

Caution: Essential oils are very potent and may be irritating to the skin. Using carrier oils is recommended when applying directly to the skin.

We get into details about carrier oils in the Safety Section.

Food Flavouring

➡️ Use the YL PLUS dietary line to enhance the flavour of food.

Add 1-2 drops of PLUS oil to a glass of water
Add 1-2 drops of PLUS oil (to taste) to meals when cooking

Essential Oil Safety Tips

Most essential oil are safe for general use but it’s always a great idea to read the label and directions for each individual oil before using.


1️⃣Dilute oils with a carrier oil – NOT water
If essential oils get in your eyes or causes skin irritation, flush and dilute the area with a safe carrier oil to alleviate discomfort.

Dilution with a carrier oil does not dilute the effectiveness of an essential oil but ensures that oils applied topically are not irritating or overpowering.

What are Carrier Oils?

Carrier Oils are plant-based oils that can be used to dilute and ensure essential oils that are applied topically are comfortable on the skin.

➡️A few examples:
-Coconut Oil (MY FAV)
-Sweet Almond Oil
-Grapeseed oil
-Jojoba oil
-Olive Oil
-YLs V-6 vegetable oil complex

2️⃣Don’t apply essential oils to sensitive areas

It’s recommended that you avoid applying essential oils to sensitive areas such as eyes, ears and mucous membranes.

CAUTION: Not all Essential Oils are Created Equally

Unfortunately, when it comes to essential oils the standards and regulations are very loosely regulated. Pretty much any company can label their bottles of essential oils with the words “pure” or “natural” even when they aren’t.

It’s super frustrating and deceiving. Very sneaky and just plain not right!! But that’s our reality, that’s what we are dealing with so it’s super, super, super important that you do your research. Not only for you but for your family. This includes our pets too   “Fake” essential oils can be harmful to them too.

MANY companies add fillers, toxins and synthetic products to their essential oils so they can cut costs on production. If it’s cheap to produce then they can charge the consumer less. It’s all a marketing scheme and has nothing to do with improving your health.

Young Living is very different. Their whole mission began to help improve lives.

Be cautious!!! If you see cheaper essential oils at the grocery store, a department store or a kiosk at the mall chances are they are not pure essential oils even if they are labelled as so. These oils are actually more harmful to your health and can create havoc on our bodies because of all the fake substances that are used.

That wise old saying “You get what you pay for” rings true here with essential oils. Don’t try and cut costs or get your oils cheaper because what you are getting for “cheaper” is no deal at all.

Don’t worry-  Drew and I did A LOT of research before choosing Young Living. Time after time they came up #1.

We wanted the best for our health, we wanted to move into the future knowing that there was no better product out there. That the products we are using will be safe for our future children, our pets, our niece, our nephews, friends and family.

Young Living Oils are Grade A, Therapeutic and 100% pure. They are unadulterated, there is no added synthetics or ingredients. They represent a very small portion of essential oils in the marketplace.

If the bottle says Lavender then there is 100% lavender in that bottle. NOTHING ELSE!!

Young Living’s Seed to Seal PROMISE

This is the reason Drew and I chose Young Living. This is how we know the oils we are using are safe.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to know exactly where your oils are coming from.

Young Living’s Farms are really what sets them apart from any other company. They own all their farms or have partner farms where they maintain close relationships with the farmers to be sure the standards are met.

They are in control of EVERYTHING: the seeds, the soil, weed control, the harvesting, the distillation.

If that isn’t enough, YL oils withstand a series of testing to make sure they are 100% pure. If it’s not, it does not get bottled.

The transparency and integrity of the company is unmatched. I love that they invite you to their farms to see how the magic happens.

The picture below is from the Lavender Farm in Utah I visited. What an experience to walk around the farm, get to plant clary sage and see exactly how the plants are grown and how the oils are distilled.

They are proud of their farms and have nothing to hide. That says a lot about the quality right there 

I would love to have you a part of my team. If you’re interested click here.