Everyone has a different normal correct? For one person having $5000 in the bank is normal, to another that $5000 would mean their life is in jeopardy and maybe they just lost a whole lot of money. It would likely be fair to say, $100,000 in the bank for that individual would be their ‘normal’.

Some sleep for 4-6 hours a night, this is normal. Someone that has a normal of 7-8 hour a night wouldn’t be able to function properly (at the very least not optimally) with only 4-6 hours of sleep.

This is no different when it comes to food. Someone that is used to eating 5-6 times a day has a much different ‘normal’ when it comes to nutrition. You can compare someone else’s normal that eats twice a day.

What is Your Normal

It’s no question we all have different ‘normals’. I want to ask the question of, how long would it take you to change your normal, how many years, how many times, how many repetitions of something, unhealthy lets say.

If your normal is 7-8 hours of sleep and you couldn’t sleep more than 5 hours for an entire year, do you think your normal would change? Would you realize it, would you be able to function properly? The answer is no, but to go into more detail, the real question is, how long would you not be functioning properly before you told yourself ‘I don’t need more sleep’, ‘this is what I function at’.

Countless amounts of research shows we as human beings function better with more sleep, but still some of us believe a few hours a night is fine.

How about stress, what if we were stressed out day in and day out, month after month. Let’s say 6 months go by and we’re more stressed out than we’ve ever been. Well sooner or later this becomes our normal. Unfortunately these type of things happen so slowly we don’t notice. So now we don’t even realize we’re stressed out.

We don’t sleep, anxiety builds ups, we’re on edge for no reason, snap at a friend, family member or co-worker, all the while having no idea we’ve been living a stressed out life for the last 6 months….which has now become our normal.

The point I’m getting at is, we all have a different standard, a different normal. Which doesn’t make it healthy if we can get by on 2 meals day and are shocked when someone eats throughout the day. It doesn’t mean it’s okay to live so stressed out we’re on edge and have a hard time getting along with anyone.

Therefore, my suggestion would be to act now, don’t wait one moment longer to do something about your health, because your normal sneaks up on your much quicker than you might think.

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