Working ON Your Business Instead of IN Your Business

I feel like all roads lead to where we’re at today. Every decision, every action, even every thought.

I haven’t always made the right decision, I haven’t always said the right thing or taken the action I likely should have. But I don’t have any regrets. I know it sounds odd, I mean most of us have done or said something embarrassing or done something we shouldn’t have. I certainly have (more times than I could count).

But I don’t regret them. Someone recently said, if you could go back and change anything in your life, what would you change?

Working ON Your Business Instead of IN Your Business

I said clearly and confidently, nothing. They looked at me shocked in disbelieve, then they kinda laughed and thought it was a joke. But it was true.

The fact is, those decisions have led me to where I am now. And I like where I am now, most of the time I love it. Truthfully sometimes I wish I could stop my life for a moment, I wish there was a pause button because it’s all going by too quickly and I’m having so much fun I don’t want it to be over.

I wouldn’t say tonight is a turning point in my life although I’d like it to be. I’ve done many presentations before in fact this is our third one in 7 days.

But I’d like to put in more effort to helping business owners, the challenge is so many don’t think they have time for events like tonight, many don’t think they have the money….and many won’t put in the effort to do these kinds of things.

Which is why I feel like I must keep going and show as many as possible the benefits of getting together with like minded individuals and the unending benefits of working ON your business instead of IN your business.

You know what trumps everything, is ACTION. It doesn’t matter if it’s business or if it’s health or flying a plane. We have to take action.

So many people say, I wish I ran a successful business but don’t take action towards it. How many people say I want to lose weight, or have more energy but skip workouts and don’t eat throughout the day?

We need to take action and I’m talking to myself here. I’ve been planning to do another event like this since the last time I did one which was almost exactly a year ago.

That’s right, it took me a year to pull it all together again to make this happen. So I’ll commit to myself as I often suggest publically that there will be more entrepreneur events which I couldn’t be more excited for.

And I hope you commit to yourself, to whatever it is you want to pursue to take action towards it, each and every day. Because there is no pause button and it’s all going by much too quickly.

More details on our EVENT HERE!