Working Towards Customers for Life

Working towards customers for life

It’s entirely odd when you spend hours with someone, answering questions, sending blog posts and videos, into all hours of the day and night and then they decide to go somewhere else because ‘it’s more convenient’.

When you think about it, that ‘retail store’ for example, wasn’t sitting up late answering questions. They didn’t take any time to build a relationship or in most cases they didn’t show that they cared much at all, other than being open at the right time. 

I guess that’s business. Most of our people understand the time and effort we put in. That our posts, customer service and the time we spend with our customers and people is our job. I suppose some people may think it’s a hobby? But for the most part our people  understand, that’s why you are our people. 

There’s nothing wrong with going somewhere else to buy your products. I mean we appreciate your support, we appreciate those that are loyal to us and choose us. But when you spend endless time with individuals and at the last min they seem to disappear and go somewhere else, that’s not exactly time well spent for us. Again, part of the job. You have to take both sides of any situation, not just the best parts like when people write in and tell us how much they appreciate us and what we do. 

But we have these conversations, we’re real people with real emotions just like everyone else. But you know what gets us through a less than desirable situation when a customer or potential customer doesn’t seem to care or gives much though to the effort that we put in. One simple phrase, ‘they’re likely not our people anyways’. 

We always have and always will work towards customers for life. We see your posts, we comment on them, we ‘like’ them. We make phone calls and send personal messages to see how you’re doing and how the products are going. 

And we’re very very fortunate to have an amazing group of customers that I prefer to call friends who we spend much of our day with in one way or another. And if someone doesn’t show much consideration they likely aren’t our people, which means we can choose to spend more of our day with they or trying to show them or help understand who we are or what we do, or we can put more effort into the people who already get it. 

That’s an easy answer for me, which doesn’t make the decision that hard at all. We appreciate all you do for us, as those in our lives that are our people, thank you for being here with us and offering more than you know.