The very first thing I want to explain is, this 10 day love yourself detox is not a food detox even though I have given you a couple of food exercises that include cleansing foods. By no means do I want you to starve yourself and only eat the foods listed in this meal plan.

Concerning food, I want you to stick to your regular routines and eating habits. You’ll slowly find out, the better you treat yourself, the more you love yourself, the better you’ll feel and the more you’ll want to put quality foods in your body.

The first Three things you need to understand before starting this 10 Day Love Yourself Detox is:

#1. You are worth it.

#2. You have enough time for each exercise.

#3. Prepare/purchase/have EVERYTHING ready before you set a date to begin.

Why a 10 Day Love Yourself Detox?

Because we fool ourselves into thinking we aren’t worth the time and money it takes to better ourselves, to love ourselves and to treat ourselves the way we should or even the way we want to.

We put ourselves last paying much more for others’ happiness but what about us, what about our happiness, what about our self love? How about our stress levels and the amount of toxins we deal with every day that affect everything from sleep to energy levels?

Let me tell you something, there is time, you need to believe this. There is time for you, there’s time for your health and until you decide to make health a priority you’ll always be last on the list and you’ll continue to be stressed out and full of toxins.

How can we really expect to be at our best, how could we provide to the best of our ability for our loved ones when our tank is always half full? How can we go through life when we hardly sleep, miserable, just trying to make it through another day?

That’s not living, that’s surviving so over this next 10 Days I’m going to show you how live, how to start putting yourself first, to love yourself, to appreciate the only body you have, and how to enjoy your own company and love yourself before others do. And not only that, but I’ll help you detox your body and reduce stress as well.

The title may speak for itself which doesn’t specifically mean we understand why it’s titled ’10 Day Love Yourself Detox’. This 10 day love yourself detox was designed because often we treat our bodies like we don’t even like ourselves.

We abuse our bodies in the worst way, treating it like a waste dump, bombarding it with toxins through smells or fumes, noise, thoughts and more; maybe not completely understanding how much stress we are putting on our bodies and how detrimental all this stress is to our health.

We have one body, to treat and do what we will with. It’s time to start treating our body like we love it, it’s time we start loving our body, taking time for ourselves, clearing both mental and physical toxins, and its time we start together.

10 day love yourself detox


Here’s the Biggest Issue

We don’t know what it’s like to be stress and toxin free. We’ve lived the way we have, stressed out and full of toxins for so long that we think it’s normal. In fact, being stressed out is our normal. We think it’s normal to crash at lunch time, we think it’s normal to drag ourselves around with little to no energy, we think it’s okay to wake up groggy and fill our bodies with synthetic stimulants to wake us up which takes us back to square one.

Then of course there is technology that makes it so we never have to be alone, which takes away the options and benefits of silence, our own thoughts, words and emotions. Now only that but actions as well, we’re doing what everyone else is doing meanwhile everyone else is stressed out and full of toxins.

One of the most significant lessons you’ll learn from this 10 Day Love Yourself Detox is the benefits of being alone. Now don’t let that scare you because I promise, after a few of these exercises you’re going to find out it really isn’t that scary. You’ll quickly understand you can actually find mental clarity, peace, silence and love with only yourself.

There’s a sense of empowerment and new found internal confidence feeling fulfilled all on your own. You start to realize you don’t need so much external noise. That silence doesn’t create fear in you but a pleasant contentment that you soon learn to enjoy.

I’m not sure many of us believe we deserve a stress free life, we certainly don’t act like we really want freedom and internal joy. It’s hard to determine how we really feel about ourselves when we’re never really alone. How can we think for ourselves, act and be when there is so much outside influence?

In this 10 Day Love Yourself Detox, you’ll learn to love yourself first before anyone else does. You’ll learn to appreciate your own company because if you don’t love yourself, if you don’t enjoy being with just you, then how could you expect anyone else to?

How Will You Teach Me to Love Myself?

First of all we’re going to have tools and exercises that’s going to help us along the way. Some of the tools you’ll have, some you can buy and some you can borrow. These tools aren’t going to be exotic or expensive but they’ll certainly help out with this 10 Day Love Yourself Detox.

You’ll be given exercises to complete each day, now I’m not talking about exercises in a gym, I’m talking about mental and emotional exercises. Some will be physical as well but not strenuous.

In a progressive manner the exercises will increase throughout the 10 days so this doesn’t feel like a crash course. I understand 10 days isn’t a long period of time but I still don’t want to give you everything at once.

I highly suggest you follow along with the suggested exercises on the days listed, you don’t want to jump in with two feet and try to do everything at once. Remember, this is a 10 day love yourself detox, so love yourself, be gentle on your mind and with your mood, emotions and actions.

Let’s Do This Together

There’s no better time than right now. And there’s no greater intention than action. Are you tired of being afraid of your own thoughts? Have you had enough of just getting by? Do you struggle with self confidence for no apparent reason?

It’s time to make a decision and your choice is now. Are you ready to live full of energy and life and live every day to the fullest with love the best that you can? Are you ready to take action right now and understand how wonderful it feels to release all that stress you hold onto so tightly? It’s time to detox your body, create positive life patterns, understand what a restful nights sleep is and remember what it’s like to love yourself.

Come with me, I’ll show you the way.

Purchasing information:

Leave your comment below if you are interested in purchasing this Love Yourself Detox and someone will get back to you shortly or you can hit the Contact Us tab and send us an email.


6 thoughts on “10 Day Love Yourself Detox

  1. It’s very easy for us to forget about ourselves. I’m an employee, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a babysitter…the list goes on. Sometimes I spend so much time focusing on the things I am to other people, I forget about myself. If this sounds familiar I encourage you to do the 10 Day Love Yourself Detox. It’s so easy and relaxing and affordable. The things required of the detox were things I already love to do, but rarely took the time for myself to do them. Take some time for yourself…love yourself.

  2. I have been making some small changes in my life and when I came across the Love Yourself Detox I thought it was a great opportunity for me to make myself a priority. The changes I made in the last 10 days were simple to do and some of the things I will continue to do. It was a great way to reconnect and center myself. This is a very gentle and easy process and I felt amazing when I was done. I highly recommend this detox, you deserve 10 days of self love!!

  3. I would love to do this! I am leaving for a 3 week trip to Australia next Friday. Is this something I could do while traveling?

    1. Hi Sharon! Yes, you can absolutely do this in Australia. There is a list of groceries and ‘tools’ that I provide, none of which are exotic or hard to find. In fact, being in Australia, getting away from the ordinary, may be the perfect place to try this. I lived in Australia for 7 months on the Gold Coast, and I’ve also visited Sydney since. Such a great place. I hope you enjoy your trip!

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