Alright so the very first thing we should understand is, most soup has toxins in it. If you look at the back of your store bought soup container there is a good chance there is a long list of ingredients, most of which are hard to read or pronounce. What you don’t want to hear is, even that chicken noodle soup you loved when you weren’t feeling well is stressful on your body and toxic as well.

So when I title this stress free Asian soup to detox your body that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Homemade with wholefood, this soup is sure to give you a lift weather you aren’t feeling well or it’s a cool day outside and you want something to warm you up.

Grocery Shopping List:

  • 1 Chinese Cabbage (half of this will go in one batch of soup)
  • 1 Daikon (1/4 will go in the soup)
  • 5 mushrooms
  • a small bunch of mint, parsley and cilantro
  • Thumb of Ginger
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1/3 chopped red onion
  • 1/2 tea spoon of turmeric
  • Handful of Bean sprouts
  • 1-2 Tbsp of Sesame seeds
  • 1 Lime
Stress free Asian soup to detox your body
Make sure to have all your ingredients prepared before you start your soup.


Much like my Chickpea Curry recipe, I’ve broken it down this recipe for you in steps so it’s easy to understand.

Step #1

So the first step you’re going to take is sautee a few of your herbs in coconut oil. For this recipe I like:

  • Red onion
  • Ginger and
  • Garlic
  • Turmeric

Both ginger and turmeric have anti inflammatory properties, garlic supports your immune system (as does ginger) and the combination of these three give off a delectable flavor. And I like the red onion for flavor and color.

Here’s a tip where you can learn from my mistake. Make sure you’re sauteing your veggies and herbs in a big enough pot or pan that you can keep adding water to. Personally I had to transfer my pan to a pot about half way through.

stress free asian soup to detox your body
Beautiful herbs and veggies sauteing in coconut oil




You’ll be slowly adding filtered water as your soup progresses (which is why you need a big enough pot or pan). You can also use the 1 cup of water to 1 cup of veggies rationing plan. And remember these steps aren’t set in stone. I love soup because it’s a lot like a stir fry, once you get comfortable or make it a couple times you can experiment with your own ingredients. So in this case if you like more broth add more water, and if you like a chunkier soup (this will be regardless) then add less water.

Step #2

The next step is to add 4-8 cups of chopped Chinese cabbage. You’ll then add 4-8 cups of water for each cup of chopped cabbage (or veggies). Next you’ll add 1 cup of Daikon (or ‘Chinese White Radish – there are many names for this). The Daikon is high in Vitamin C which supports the immune system and it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. It’s not something I normally use so it’s nice to have a change and enjoy the health benefits as well.

Stress free healing soup
Add in your cabbage and mushrooms and let them cook down while adding your filtered water








Mushrooms is another tasty additive, chop your mushrooms the way you like them and add a cup of them to your soup.  This is the last vegetable I add because they don’t take long to cook.

The water should be simmering or kept just before a boil. Remember you’re cooking your veggies in the soup as you go.

The goal of this soup is to have something warm and nutritious flowing through your body. I want you to know what it feels like to have all these nutrients filling your body with healing, stress reducing properties.

Although your pallets may not be ready for flavors that are truly all natural I want you to do your best to avoid toxic substances. Many times we make a delicious tasting, ‘good for your body meal’, and then we marinate it in toxic chemicals that are detrimental to our health (i.e. soya sauce).

Step #3

You’re going to flavor this soup with nothing more than cleansing greens and alkalizing fruit along with a little Himalayan Salt, when your soup is done (you’ll know by the crunchiness of the veggies).

Chop mint, cilantro and parsley and place on top of your bowl of soup. You’ll then squeeze a quarter of a lime on top and finally season with touch of Himalayan salt and sesame seeds.

add in fresh mint to your detox soup
Your water should be simmering or just before boil, add in your herbs last.


Once again, this may not be ideal for your taste buds but this detoxing soup is a fantastic stress free option for your body. Understand you are healing your body from the inside out with each spoonful so do your best to enjoy what real food tastes like. If you give yourself a chance and your taste buds the ability to change you’ll be able to slowly start to appreciate what food tastes like that isn’t marinated in toxins, food coloring and flavoring all foreign to our body that only puts more stress on us.

Step #4

The last step is adding bean sprouts. Not only are they incredibly nutritious but by adding them to the top (after your soup is cooked) you can enjoy a little crunch with each bite.

And there you have it, an easy Stress free Asian soup to detox your body!

Stress free detoxified asian soup
Your final product!





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2 thoughts on “Stress free Asian soup to detox your body

  1. Can’t wait to make this soup. I can almost smell it cooking. It would be a fantastic soup base for any homemade soup for those who dare to get creative :) thanks for sharing Drew

    1. You’re welcome Angie, thank you for the comment. Let me know if you give it a try, love to see your creation!

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