The problem here is that so many people think all magnesium supplements are create equal.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with people that say ‘I’m good, I already take a Magnesium thank you’. Then to find out they’re taking something like this in the picture, because it’s cheap and seems to last forever.

Antifreeze and Ingredients

So I did some research after snapping a pic of the list of ingredients and it’s startling to find out some ingredients would be similar to what they use in ANTIFREEZE.

Others ingredient research found to say ‘safe to use in small doses’ ….what does that mean!?

And other research were found to be ‘mostly safe’ which again is pretty shady, unclear and unsettling. And only researched 3 on this bottle.

Not every Magnesium is created equally, and in fact just because you’re taking a mag doesn’t mean you’re doing a good thing. You could very well be doing more damage than good.

Antifreeze and Ingredients

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