Customer service is something that’s important to us. VERY important, right next to quality products with clean ingredients for a fair price.

As we search for someone to help take orders and offer GREAT customer service, thoughts come up that I haven’t had to think about before. Over the years we’ve worked hard to develop relationships with our customers, because we care more than anything.

Will we lose that personal touch, will someone else do a good enough job, will people stop coming around because they are directed elsewhere? Maybe fears more than anything which isn’t a great place to be.

We prefer to make our decisions coming from a place of love and compassion, instead of fear which usually brings with it negative emotions.

So instead, I’m working on a better frame of mind. Should we find someone to help fill the role of customer service, to help take orders, package products, offer tracking numbers, arrange time for pick ups.

I’ll choose abundance and realize that with help we’ll have more time to design even better products and services that can help our community on a deeper level. We’ll be able to take a moment for ourselves at times, fill our own cups which will give us more to offer.

We’ll create new relationships and we plan on finding different ways to reach out, stay connected and be a part of this wonderful community we’ve grown and are a part of for a number of years, which will give us the opportunity to be a part of it for even more years to come.

Sure there will be speed bumps and hiccups, but with our understanding community we’ll get through them together, which will make us an even stronger unit as we grow and improve on what we do, who we are and who we’ll become.

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