Can you see yourself in a $100,000 car?

Can you see yourself in a $100,000 car?

Why do we accept less? Why do we take the job we know we know we’re better than and accept the pay we know we’re more than worth? Why are our standards so low and what makes us different from those that expect more of themselves?

I had the privilege of visiting a higher end area recently. I say privilege because it is; I like seeing how the upper class live, I like seeing ambition, I enjoying seeing people that are successful, that have had a dream and followed it (or maybe that were born that way :)).

I saw some fancy cars and one that stuck out was a Maserati, not sure why, just something about it. So I looked into this car to see how much it costs, which depending on the model was over $100,000.

I looked into it further and over 7 years you can make payments of roughly $300 a month, now without all the formalities and details let’s say it’s realistic to drive a $100,000 car for $300/month, because it is. Most people wouldn’t believe this, most people wouldn’t even consider this. I think $300 a month is very reasonable. So I thought where $300 could come from in a regular persons life, middle class let’s say.

Most of us drink occasionally (or often), most go out to the bar or out for dinner, some go out for fast food daily or multiple times a week, we also smoke and buy junk food. To me none of these are necessities they are luxuries just like the Maserati (who really needs a $100,000 car?)

So I took smoking not only because it’s likely the unhealthiest but because it’s the easiest to calculate. So let’s say you smoke 1 pack a day and (I’m only guessing here) it costs about $15 per pack. Stay with me here: $15(smokes) X 7 (days in a week) = $105/week. $105 X 4 (weeks) = $420/mo on smokes. Does driving a Maserati seem more realistic now?

Now you may not smoke but going out to the bar, eating out on a weekly basis, buying junk food are all things we sacrifice for. It’s funny how money turns up if we really want something. So knowing we spend money on things we don’t need, and we could very well be driving a $100,000 sports car if we really wanted to; it makes me wonder why we make the decisions we do.

Why are our standards so low, why do we choose that crappy job we know we’re better than, why do we waste money on things we don’t need, why don’t we drive a fancy car knowing very well we can?

I’d say if you raise your standards, if you make a higher decision, if you’re determined you can have anything you want. It’s the settling we’re in love with, it’s the acceptance of not enough, it’s the lack we keep close instead of abundance.

Most people have no idea they could afford to drive a $100,000 car if they really wanted to. Why is that? I’ll leave that up to you to decide….

Can you see yourself in a $100,000 car? If you can’t, you should wonder why not…