Find a Way to Read Every Single Day

It’s a bit surprising to me when I hear how few people read. It feels like a lost art to me, maybe a lost hobby?

Sure there’s reading social media, or blog posts online, even a conventional book from a tablet or phone but that still doesn’t quite do it. Course there’s audio books but that’s even further than what I’m talking about (even though I enjoy these myself at times). I’m talking about reading from a good ol fashion book! Sounds crazy, no?

Reading has taught me so much. I mean not just the words and endless knowledge books have to offer. Reading has taught me how to write, how to spell, how to use punctuation, (when to use too or to), how to put SPACES in your words and how to properly use paragraphs. (Still mind boggling to me how few people put spaces or paragraphs in their writing…

I can even tell how much someone reads simply by the words written on their greeting card. And I think most people can tell how ‘well read’ someone is simply by listening to how they speak and the words they use. Reading opens up your entire vocabulary. Great for adults, not just for kids writing a paper trying to get through English class 😉.

You can reach people on a whole different level simply by learning to write (which isn’t simple at all) but that stems from reading. I like to read everything I can get my hands on. Business books, self help books, health books, spiritual books, even Stephen King books.

At one point I took pride in always carrying a book with me. I even took a speed reading course to learn how to read faster so I could absorb as much knowledge as possible in a short amount of time (Evelyn Wood).

Sure some people say ‘reading isn’t for me’ but I beg to differ. Even if you want to write a thank you card or bday card without using spell check. If there ever comes a time when your cable or internet is out. Or what if you visit a cabin to ‘get away’ and would like to reset and go on a technology detox (like we all should) reading would be a great way to pass the time as you relax in the elements.

Regardless of what you choose, find a way to read every single day. It’ll open up a whole new world for you. From writing, to spelling, knowledge/learning or entertainment that doesn’t have you sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time.

How about we binge read for a night, now that’s a crazy thought now isn’t it? 😉.

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