I just got back from the dentist and I’m happy to report good news! Not that you’re all that interested in my dentist results ;). But I did want to share with you what happened or what I’ve been doing.

I use our True Form Sonic Bamboo Electric toothbrush twice a day. It’s recommended that you brush for at least 2 mins. This is an easy task with our electric toothbrush because it actually has a timer on it that tells you when 2 mins is up.

The dental hygienist actually asked me if I use an electric toothbrush. She said 2 mins with an electric toothbrush is equivalent to 6 mins of brushing manually.

I also oil pull every day in the morning for at least 5 mins, and I floss once a day in the evening.

I thought this was worth sharing because the Dentist is usually very impressed with my oral care. Very little plaque or tartar build up, no signs of gingivitis or gum inflammation. And no cavities in sight or anything to worry about in the future.

They asked if I wanted to mouthwash with a fluoride based product. I said no thank you. They’re doing the best they can, however they practice a very different school of thought. Much like a medical dr.

Fluoride is binding especially when it comes to magnesium which means if you’re drinking tap water, use fluoride toothpaste or rinse with this type of product your body isn’t absorbing the amount of magnesium you think it is.

My favourite part of the whole visit was at the end when they asked me if I wanted a toothbrush and floss to take home. Which would have been a plastic toothbrush, and a nonbiodegradable floss inside a plastic container. I decided that as well.

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean we have to take it. In this case, many of you know we have a mission to reduce the plastic toothbrushes in the landfills and oceans, so it simply wouldn’t make sense to accept their ‘free’ offer which certainly isn’t free for our environment.

Everything comes with a cost.