Detox for men is something you rarely hear about.  It’s seems for the most part its women that are looking to cleanse, or reset their system.  I have to admit, when I do book signings I don’t expect many men to come over but the last few signings have proven me wrong.  More men than women have purchased Detoxify Yourself as of recent, which I think is cool.
Detoxify Yopurself

Men get a bad rap for meat and potatoes, course this is true in many cases but there’s a lot of men trying to live healthier as well.  I’d say men have it more difficult given than it seems, naturally we’re drawn to meat.  There are already more men that seem to eat not so healthy food.  I’m not sure if that’s a fair statement, all I’m saying is it seems that way.  It certainly seems more acceptable if nothing else.  Could you imagine a blue collar male telling his coworkers he’s looking for a detox for men.  Haha, that’s a laugher; I worked all types of constructions jobs growing up and I can tell you first hand that comment wouldn’t go over so well.

It’s not easy for men, it’s not easy for anyone but in this case let’s stick to men.  There’s wing night, there’s beers after work, BBQ with the guys and so on.  You’d be hard pressed to see a group of guys going on a meditation retreat.  But you do have the other side of things as well.  I’ve met men looking to eat healthier for their children, I’ve met men that are vegetarians and I’ve men that know exactly what GMO’s are.  I used to think most men weren’t interested in living healthier or detoxing their mind and body but that’s a hard statement to hold on to when more and more men come up to me interested in Detoxify Yourself; if it gets any more apparent I’ll have to subtitle Detoxify Yourself, the Detox for men. There’s nothing wrong with steak once in awhile, however sizes like this is going overboard. I may be getting slightly ahead of myself here, but what I’m getting at is it’s nice to see more men take an interest in their health.  Like I was saying, I wouldn’t say it’s as easy to live a detoxed lifestyle with a large majority of men needing to feel manly around their friends.  You can have a detox for men though; there are many things a man can to do feel better and keep his manliness.

Men having BBQ and beer

The way I teach healthier living is not just for women and it’s not just for men either.  We don’t need a detox for men, all we need is a detox period.  And I’m talking about a lifestyle detox not a 3 day cleanse that doesn’t change anything.  Doing the little things is what counts; cleaning up your diet, making better choices and moving forward with each step is sustainable for either gender.

With more women cleaning up their diets and lifestyle I think it’s natural for men to do the same.  Why not have a detox for men, why not make better choices and feel better, release stress and get a good nights sleep.  Preparing meals a head of time can be done by anyone.  Teaching yourself the very basics of nutrition, again isn’t subject to one type of person or gender.  Men can learn, they can change their lifestyle, they can feel better and increase their energy just like women can.

I was approached by a man who relayed to me he works in an office and it’s hard to prepare ahead of time or eat clean or bring food to work.  The good news is, I have many friends that work in offices and I know exactly what kind of lifestyle they have.  The not so good news is just because you work in an office doesn’t make it any easier to prepare a head of time, make better choices and commit to a decision of healthier living. A friend of mine who works in an office all day sent me this showing everyone can prepare We could go up a couple paragraphs when I say it may be a little hard to follow a detox for men given your surroundings of a big fat juicy steak, but there’s nothing wrong with that from time to time anyways.  And if we let ourselves, we’ll come up with any excuse not to make something happen.

Office Lunch

The truth of the matter is, we can all make lifestyle changes, in fact, we all want to feel better; we want to live better and feel energized.  With small steps, with a little bit of effort, by making a decision and sticking to it, these changes are possible and I applaud the men who not only support me and Detoxify Yourself but those looking to detox for men, those men looking to make better choices, for their children, for their spouses and for themselves. Clean foods and healthy eating; this is the proper way to detox for men or women.

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