Choose this, not that to improve a restful night sleep.

How to Detox, Reduce Stress and Sleep Better

This is a short video Drew Taddia talks about how to sleep better by reducing stress and detoxing your body.

Getting a restful night sleep (or lack there of) is a huge issue with many of us today. So much so, that many people don’t actually know what it feels like to feel refreshed and alive when waking up in the morning.

I’m not sure too many people put the connection together that toxins that cause stress on our bodies is preventing us from getting a restful night sleep.

The first thing we want to do is stop putting so many toxins in our body. We need to start paying attention every ingredient we’re consuming and be careful whatever it is, isn’t filling our body with toxins and putting stress on our body.

The next thing we want to do is pay attention to our environment late in the evening. If we’re watching action movies, loud music or other things that stimulate our brain (like working) we’ll have a difficult time putting ourselves in a restful state shortly after to sleep better.

And finally, speaking of stimulants, we need to pay attention to stimulants we are consuming late in the evening. Stimulants regarding highly processed sugary processed food, alcohol, tobacco and more only put more stress on our body. As much as we feel these stimulants are relaxing they really aren’t. These stimulants are waking us up internally and preventing us from putting our body in a relaxed state.

So those are three things that can help you Detox your body, reduce stress and sleep better!

Exploring Mind and Body #438: Health Risks of Too Much Screen Time

Here’s a show about mitochondria, blue light and the damage screen does to our eyes, and overall health. And what you can do about it. Which will all help improve sleep!

Health Risks of Too Much Screen Time
Matt Maruca is a researcher, entrepreneur, and educator of the field of photobiology, mitochondria, and optimal human health. He is the Founder of Ra Optics, a company that makes products to help people minimize the negative sides of our modern technologies and lifestyle so that they can fully enjoy their lives.
Tools to help with sleep.

Sleep is the Golden Chain

Sleep is the Golden Chain that brings our health and our bodies together.

Exploring Mind and Body #346 Energize Through Sleep

Energize Through Sleep
Julian Hayes II is a high performance sleep and nutrition consultant. He’s the founder of the Art of Fitness & Life where he helps high performing entrepreneurs and business leaders create more energy so they can move at a faster pace in life while operating with an edge over the competition.
Reduce blue light to improve sleep.

3 Tips to Help you get a full night of Sleep

We all know what difficult the day is when we don’t get a good night sleep. So we put this short video together to offer some tips on how to improve your sleep.

Our 3 tips include:

Reducing your stress levels before bed. We can do this through meditation, a relaxing book or a detoxing bath. Soft music also helps, and a number of other things to help quiet your mind.

Staying away from foods that speed up your mind like caffeine and alcohol are both simulants. Sugar, processed food and fatty foods wouldn’t help either. And so are scary or action movies that stimluate the mind.

And finally, have you considered wearing eye covers and ear plugs? Sounds funny to some, but blocking out all noise and light can made a difference as well.

We hope these help you get a good night sleep!

Exploring Mind and Body #402: Sugar and Sleep Connection

There is a clear connection between sleep and sugar, unfortunately most people don’t see this connection or don’t realize that sugar is preventing them from getting a restful night sleep.

If you look at it as sugar being a stimulant then it might help you understand why have sugar throughout the day and especially at night will keep you up or prevent you from getting into that deep REM sleep.

It’s important to pay attention to our daily habits, for example if you’re regularly having sugary drinks and snacks right before bed while you’re watching your favourite netflix series or a movie.

Changing your habits to healthier ones will certainly make a difference.

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