TTR #7: Diapers, Costumes and Consistency

Jaime Ruiz, 39, is from South Gate, CA and works in El Segundo, CA as a Project Accountant
for a major oil refinery, which is funny because he is an environmentalist who uses his bicycle
and public transportation to commute to work daily, including windy, rainy days. After work,
Jaime runs along the coast to complete his marathon training before heading home, where he
lives with his mom, brother and three dogs.

Since 2008, Jaime has been running the LA Marathon. He first started training by running with
his dogs along the LA river, but now runs year-round with the Southbay Running Club, LA
Running Club or LA Road Runners. His current goal is to run the marathon in under four hours,
but running has never come easy. For example, in 2015 he did not finish the LA marathon
because he collapsed around mile 19 due to running in the heat.

But that was nothing compared to running his first marathon where again, around mile 19 he realized how horrible he felt and vowed to never run another marathon again. However, a year later he regretted not participating in the 2009 LA marathon and signed up for the 2010 LA marathon. He has continued that 10-year running streak and is currently training for the 2020 race.

Currently, Jaime has ran 17 marathons, which included completing the Beach Cities challenge
twice and running two Abbott World Marathon Majors in New York and Chicago. He achieved a
sub-four hour marathon PR in 2015 at the OC marathon with a 3:57 finishing time. In a much
shorter race this year, he ran a 7-minute mile at the Manhattan Beach Mile race. He has also won the Best Costume award twice at the Jet-to-Jetty 10K.