We’re super excited to launch our 10 day online sugar detox! We’ve done plenty of other detoxes in the past so this is a natural progression that we’ve been wanting to do for awhile now! We’ll try to keep this information post as clear and as simple as possible.


You don’t have to be anywhere in particular because this 10 Day Sugar Detox is 100% online. All you need is an internet connection. After you order your package, you will receive a password to log in to our portal where the Sugar Detox is hosted.

Other Options 

If you don’t have a Facebook account and you’d still like to detox you’re welcome to purchase our stand alone product, which doesn’t offer support which is a 10 Day Detox Meal Plan.

OR another option is to purchase Detoxify Yourself, which is my best selling book all about Detoxing the body!

But that’s not why we’re here, we’re hoping you decide to join us for this 10 Day sugar detox because the support is invaluable!


For the next 10 days we’re going to give you tons of information, ideas, lessons and knowledge based around detoxing your body! We’ll help you prevent from filling your body with toxins from sugar. We’ll give you ideas on sugar replacements, and we’ll even show you how to beat those sugar cravings!!!

You will need to come with an open mind. There’s a good chance we’ll offer some new ideas you haven’t tried before but it’s all for the good of your health and to help you get through a proper sugar detox!


We have tons of podcasts, blog posts and videos all directed towards DETOXING YOUR BODY! So hang on tight, we’re going to jam pack this group full of information over this 10 day period so you can get the most out of it.

I’ve even interviewed some of the worlds top experts in detoxing like Julia Daniluk and Tosca Reno who specialize in Detoxing. You’ll get inside access to exactly what they teach.


What Should I Expect?

You should expect to feel absolutely fantastic after 10 days of no refined sugar. You’re going to see an increase in energy, you’re going to feel better about yourself, I mean, think about going through your day guilt free!

You’ll likely drop some inches, digestion will improve and there’s a very good chance you’ll see improvements in your skin as well.

What’s the Cost?

Instead of asking how much it costs, you might want to ask, what’s the cost to my health if I don’t join?

We will show you how to detox from the inside out, and release all that sugar you’ve been holding onto for years!

We’ll be there to offer support each and every day, we’ll be there to answer questions, put up posts, offer recipes, suggestions and ideas on exactly how you can detox in these 10 days.

The Offer

What we are going to do, is offer you a few different packages in case you want more. No you don’t have to buy anything else but we should at least let you know what we have so you can get the most out of these 10 days!

If you’re local we do have a pick up box in Olds where you can pick up locally.

However if we need to ship there will be a $17 shipping charge within Alberta or a $25 outside of Alberta.

These are flat rates if you have a bigger order or heavier package, the price for shipping will not change.

Package Options:

#1. Private portal access + eBook of Detoxify Yourself = $10

#2. Private portal access + physical copy of Detoxify Yourself = $24.99

#3. Private portal access + 200g bag Mag Flakes + Small bag of Chlorella = $30

#4. Private portal access + 600g Mag Flakes + Small bag of Chlorella + Activated Charcoal (AC) = $67.99

#5. Private portal access + 600g Mag Flakes + Medium bag of Chlorella + Activated Charcoal (AC) + Liquid Mag = $128.99

#6. Private portal access + 1200g Mag Flakes + Medium bag of Chlorella + Activated Charcoal (AC) + Liquid Mag + Vanilla Protein = $157

*it’s worth noting we could have come up with 20 different product options if we wanted to, but we don’t want to confuse or overwhelm. These are simply ways to get deals on packages. And if you want to order a package and pay full price for any single item that we are offering you’re welcome to do that as well. Ie. Order Package #2 with a Vanilla protein.

Results aren't the issue. Expectations are.

Managing Expectations

It’s important to manage your expectations before you start the detox so you can get the most out of it. If you plan on trying a few things out, then you can plan on seeing minimal results. Which is perfectly fine. Some people are very beginners, have worked with us before and haven’t tried any detox program. 

The package you choose should match your expectations. For example picking package #1 and expecting to get the full benefits without proper protein for your smoothie for example, or having a detoxing bath without mag flakes won’t add up.

And don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said at the beginning, you’re more than welcome join our detox for just the registration fee. That’s perfectly okay but remember to manage your expectations. Don’t expect optimal results if you plan on only try a few meals a week compared to someone that will be follow the exact meal plan.

Those that are more advanced or have worked with us in the past may be at level C and are ready to jump in with two feet and get the full benefits out of this 10 day reset.

One isn’t better than the other. Any level is welcome to join us. Wherever you’re at we’re happy to help take you to the next level! 

Product details:

  • Complete Truth Protein (CTP) – If you want the full benefits of a sugar detox that will have you feeling energized and fantastic, honestly, give CTP a try. Our body is so used to toxins from so many different places especially protein supplements. See how your body feels when you put an amazing array of quality nutrients in this combination we offer in CTP.
  • Magnesium – we have designed and produced our own high quality magnesium supplement. Magnesium is great for detoxing the body which is why it’s an option in our packages.
  • Magnesium Bath Flakes – we’ll be recommending Magnesium Bath Flakes in our detox – which are a much better form of Magnesium than epsom salts.
  • Vanilla Protein – this is a new protein supplement that we designed ourselves. It’s great for smoothies, it’s plant based, has 2g of carbs and zero grams of sugar. If you love shakes or smoothies, this is the product for you!  Find more details about it here.
  • Activated Charcoal – our newest product, has been used to improve health in different ways for thousands of years. It’s great for detoxing, digestion and has multiple uses. All discussed throughout our detox and in this video below:

Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal

  1. Reduce Intestinal Gas and Bloating (ie. Digestive health)
  2. Prevent Diarrhea
  3. Detoxing ie. Kidney health
  4. Improve Skin care
  5. Improve Oral health and teeth whitening
  6. Used in Water filtration for clean water
  7. Deodorant – reduces odor
  • Chlorella and Spirulina Algae Tabs – Here’s a few great reasons why we take Chlorella in the evening to help detox our bodies, improve our immune systems and recover regardless of how our day went. Spirulina tablets have over 40 vitamins and minerals making this our go to ‘multi vitamin’ (along with Chlorella). Tons of B vitamins, and omega 3 help this improve focus and brain health. A great way to get your day started!

What’s Been said about Past Sugar Detoxes?

In January I attended a 10 day Sugar Detox Program with Drew and Dorothy.  It was one of the best ‘spur of the moment’ programs I have participated in.

For 10 days our group did without processed sugar, alcohol or caffeine.

We learned what to eat for a healthier body, how to shop by reading the label, prepare food, including the best energy packed smoothies, and then experience the end result first hand.

For me the experience was totally rewarding, because as careful as I thought I was, there is always sugars, toxins and inflammatory ingredients in nearly everything in the grocery store. Cutting out the processed sugar and caffeine made an extremely noticeable difference in the arthritis that has taken up residence in my entire body, given me an increase in energy, and made an overall positive difference in how I feel. Also, since I started taking liquid magnesium, I no longer get cramps in my legs and feet.

By being given the opportunity to participate in a live presentation by our hosts every day, we learned the importance of magnesium in several forms, what to look for in a protein powder, what ‘good fats’ are,  the best sugar substitutes, plus so much more including prizes, and a lot of laughs.

The “Sugar Detox Group” was a fabulous mix of people from all walks of life who banded together to support each other toward a common goal. I loved it, would join again, and recommend it to anyone of any age.

Thanks D & D😃

Greta Bolton

When Drew and Dorothy advertised a sugar detox, I jumped on it because I was watching my dad struggle with diabetes. I didnt want to go down that road myself. The detox was HARD so you better be committed to sticking it out.

The withdrawal from caffeine and sugar was wicked. I had a headache for 7 days. I was grumpy.  I paced the floor and really wanted to cheat…but I didnt.

I also despised the green shake. I am not a big fan of veggies. I choked it down each day and  I didnt believe Dorothy when she said she she grew to love it.

Then D&D had a session on our attitude!  I was pretty sure Drew was looking straight at me through his camera.  I had joined the group for a reason and I reset my attitude to one of determination instead of complaint.

The support group is crucial to being successful at the detox. It really helped to know that the others in the group were feeling the same things I was. That first week we were a grumpy group.  

Now, 3 months on,   I am still off refined sugar. I treat myself occasionally but I dont like how  sugar makes me feel.  I have 1 cup of morning coffee because I want to. I actually like my daily green shake now.

It keeps your pipes cleaned out and it’s an easy way to get your green veggies.  I cant even begin to stress how crucial the wealth of information that Drew and Dorothy share is. They research EVERYTHING and I have learned so much from them.

I highly recommend  the sugar detox. Set your goals, be determined and do it!

Judy Nelson

I really enjoyed the 10 Day Sugar Detox. I knew my habits had allowed too much sugar and white flour to make its way back into my daily menu. I needed to change. I was happy to see a challenge that was short and manageable! 

Drew and Dorothy offered support, a weekly shopping list, menu plans, recipes and access to exercise options. The Green smoothie detox was very beneficial for me. 

I  looked forward to meeting new faces, during the challenge, even though we were all at different locations and levels. I like a stick-to-it challenge where everyone learns and changes their health choices, however, at their own pace. I also purchased the “Detoxify yourself-A lifestyle detox to Find Your True Self” by Drew Taddia, which included 4 weeks of lifestyle change support.  

I haven’t looked back. I completed the 10 Day, carried on to a 30 Day and forward to date. I feel more energy to keep going. Thanks Drew and Dorothy.     

Melody Knutson

The reason I joined was I wanted to clear my body of the unhealthy sugars, become healthier and to just feel better! I found this group to be exceptionally supportive. At the beginning I found it pretty hard to eliminate coffee, but I did it. I did have a headache for the first couple of days, but it did go away. 

I found that drinking more water was also a challenge, but I got better at that too. I think the support from the group really helped keep me on track.

The green smoothie was ok, and I drank it each day. I think it gets better with time. I’m still drinking it each day and quite enjoying it.

When I go grocery shopping, I am so much more aware of reading labels and not choosing the foods that contain those unhealthy refined sugars. My baking has changed too.

When a recipe needs sugar, I choose a natural sugar, such as honey, maple sugar, or coconut sugar. I also started making my own snacks and granola. I’m just so much more aware of the different toxins we are putting into our bodies.

After the detox was over, I really did feel so much better. I had less indigestion, more energy and overall, just felt better. So much so, that I joined the Fit Family with Drew and Dorothy. I am now working out (mostly) every day, eating much healthier and feeling so much better. I still find drinking enough water each day a challenge but I’m getting much better at it.

Adding the liquid magnesium (from Drew) to my water helps, another energy booster I love! I still have an occasional cup of coffee, but I definitely don’t crave it like I used too or get a headache if I don’t drink it for a few days!

If you are thinking about trying a sugar detox, I highly recommend doing it with Drew and Dorothy because of the support you get from them and the group. It’s much easier to succeed with support!

Susan Paton

First off, I’d like to say how much of a sugar addict I was. I thought I would have major sugar withdrawal with the detox and to my surprise I barely had any cravings even. I’ve learned to use natural sugar ingredients now if I have a craving. 

Drew and Dorothy give you knowledge and tips in how to change your lifestyle, not a quick fix diet for a week. The meal plans work out great as well with delicious and nutritious food. From the detox, I realized a meal prep day will easily make you be able to eat healthy all week. 

Now, 3 months later I’m part of the Fit Fam because of the community support I received from the detox program. I exercise and am eating way healthier than I did before the detox.

Jen Wilshusen

I feel that the Liquid Mag the reason for my lack of restless legs, it has given me more energy and I generally feel so much better. The CTP really is helping too. 

So glad I joined the Detox even if the results were not a complete detox but were life changing . I feel so good! Thanks for your constant input and going above and beyond.

Marilyn V

I got to know Dorothy & Drew though our YL Essential Oils community, and I quickly grew to truly respect and admire their generous dedication to helping like-minded people seeking to IMPROVE their wellness and lifestyle. 

Drew & Dorothy SHARE what THEY themselves have extensively RESEARCHED, DO and LIVE every day… they truly “walk the talk” and what’s BEST is it’s in a practical, sensible, and easy to follow NATURAL kind of way!  AND IT WORKS!!  

I jumped at the opportunity to join their Sugar Detox Group and, even though I had been a certified Personal Trainer and Wellness professional for over 15 years, I LEARNED SO MUCH and it was so awesome to actually put their NATURAL methods and advice into practice because of their support, inspiration, and the “accountability” to what quickly became our close knit group of people.. because we were encouraged to share, ask, and celebrate our awesome accomplishments and successes! YES! I would & have recommend TrueForm & their programs and products to people I care about….  

I immediately joined their FitFamily group after the Sugar Detox in order to continue enjoying the amazing benefits ongoing… after a tough go with health for several years, this GrandMa is NOW getting stronger and healthier every day and my Friends & Family are also grateful and NOTICING!!

Anna S

My husband and I both did the sugar detox and could not believe how much better we felt. We both had more energy and less of the mid-day slump. 

It really makes you aware of what you’re eating and how to make good choices long term. As well, we both had the extra benefit of losing a couple inches! 

It’s a great kick start to feeling like a better you!

Amanda Simpson

I joined True Form’s Sugar Detox as a way to kick start my personal journey to better physical health.  I got so much more than that.  

Dorothy and Drew provided a levelled program that allowed you to begin at a place where you were comfortable.  We had daily support meetings where we received information on a variety of topics.  These meetings also allowed you to ask questions and feel the support and camaraderie of the group.    

I found my mental focus increased sharply after the first few days and by the end of the ten days my energy levels were way higher than when I started.  I have continued on with True Form as I loved the support and positivity I found in the Sugar Detox.

Jayme Locke

So you are thinking of doing a sugar detox with True Form’s Drew and Dorothy Taddia? I can honestly say that  your body,  mind and spirit will benefit. (Sure.. as soon as you commit you will , all of a sudden,  crave a super- sized chocolate bar. (at least I do, even though I never eat them. haha) )

However,  D & D teach you a lifestyle where you are set up for success and are gifted with the  power of knowledge on how refined sugar reacts in your body and how you can improve your digestion with simple items you find in your grocery store.

I have participated in  both the 10 and 14 day sugar detox challenges with D & D and always learn something new and feel better for it. Being part of a private, supportive group is so beneficial for personal growth. And if you are a dessert person (like me), you will have a plethora of clean ingredient, guilt free choices that will satisfy you and your family.

The meal plans and their signature green smoothies are only part of what they share.

Their passion for a  healthy lifestyle is conveyed in the group discussions and I truly felt they wanted me to succeed  with my journey to live a superior lifestyle.

Their extensive knowledge and research are reflected in their clean and quality products they sell that enhance the detox.

They definitely put in the work and effort and they motivate me to also put in the work and effort.

Plus, they are a fun-loving couple and you will definitely have a few laughs during your detox journey.

Congratulations on placing your health first and opening your mind to a new challenge.   

You are in good hands with True Form.   

Sherri Mix (October 2013 purchased Detoxify Yourself)

Wow-what a great way to kickstart my New Year, Trueform’s sugar detox was an amazing start to a true lifestyle change. 

They checked in with us every day, encouraged us with healthy recipes and positive affirmations, and workouts to follow along or join live. 

I was so skeptical at first but 2.5 months later and I am still having my green smoothie every day and reading labels to constantly put better food in my belly. I feel amazing and this program is a great start to a healthy life!

Dana Boffey-Overwater

I’m so excited to do another sugar detox! I felt amazing when I was following the detox! I had so much more energy, wasn’t as tired at night and just overall felt better!!

Loved joining the zoom meets with you and Dorothy! I learned so much and had some laughs! It helped me focus on healthy eating as well which I really liked.

I focused on drinking my magnesium and water and used the bath flakes which was another positive to the group!

Can’t wait to do it again! Thanks!

Deana Cavanaugh

I’m excited to do another sugar detox. I did my first one with Drew and Dorothy and was a bit unsure, how I would make out. I ended up doing quite well!

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I felt better, and it really made me think about what was going to be good for my body, before I would eat it. The Liquid Mag was a game changer as well. Love it!

Looking forward to the next Sugar Detox!!

Denise Dunn

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