10 Day Online Sugar Detox

We’re super excited to launch our first 10 day online sugar detox! We’ve done plenty of other detoxes in the past so this is a natural progression that we’ve been wanting to do for awhile now! We’ll try to keep this information post as clear and as simple as possible.


You don’t have to be anywhere in particular because this 10 Day Sugar Detox is 100% online. All you need is an internet connection (and a Facebook profile and you’re in!).

Regarding Facebook, this is where we host our private support groups where we’ll be posting all the information. So if you don’t have a Facebook account like most of the world ;), you won’t be able to join us.

Other Options 

If you don’t have a facebook account and you’d still like to detox you’re welcome to purchase our stand alone product, which doesn’t offer support which is a 7 Day Detox Meal Plan.

OR another option is to purchase Detoxify Yourself, which is my best selling book all about Detoxing the body!

But that’s not why we’re here, we’re hoping you decide to join us for this 10 Day sugar detox because the support group in invaluable!


For the next 10 days we’re going to give you tons of information, ideas, lessons and knowledge based around detoxing your body! We’ll help you prevent from filling your body with toxins from sugar. We’ll give you ideas on sugar replacements, and we’ll even show you how to beat those sugar cravings!!!

You will need to come with an open mind. There’s a good chance we’ll offer some new ideas you haven’t tried before but it’s all for the good of your health and to help you get through a proper sugar detox!


We start Monday Oct, 21st. As soon as you sign up (through payment) we’ll add you to a private support group on Facebook which is where all the action will happen.


We have tons of podcasts, blog posts and videos all directed towards DETOXING YOUR BODY! So hang on tight, we’re going to jam pack this group full of information over this 10 day period so you can get the most out of it.

I’ve even interviewed some of the worlds top experts in detoxing like Julia Daniluk and Tosca Reno who specialize in Detoxing. You’ll get inside access to exactly what they teach.


What Should I Expect?

You should expect to feel absolutely fantastic after 10 days of no refined sugar. You’re going to see an increase in energy, you’re going to feel better about yourself, I mean, think about going through your day guilt free!

You’ll likely drop some inches, digestion will improve and there’s a very good chance you’ll see improvements in your skin as well.

What’s the Cost?

Instead of asking how much it costs, you might want to ask, what’s the cost to my health if I don’t sign up?

Here is the best part, it’s only $15 for 10 days! That’s right, no it’s not a $50 program or $100 program. You don’t have to buy any extra products or services or detox tea for example.

We will show you how to detox from the inside out, and release all that sugar you’ve been holding onto for years!

We’ll be there to offer support each and every day, we’ll be there to answer questions, put up posts, offer recipes, suggestions and ideas on exactly how you can detox in these 10 days.

Complete Truth Protein (CTP)

You’ll see CTP listed below in the special offers we have going on. If you’d like full details you can click on the highlighted link to help out here.

If you want the full benefits of a sugar detox that will have you feeling energized and fantastic, honestly, give CTP a try. Our body is so used to toxins from so many different places especially protein supplements. See how your body feels when you put an amazing array of quality nutrients in this combination we offer in CTP.

The Offer

What we are going to do, is offer you a couple different packages in case you want more. No you don’t have to buy anything else but we should at least let you know what we have so you know.

We’ve put together a couple packages for you.

#1. The Detox Group alone=$15

#2. Detox Group + Detoxify Yourself (discounted at $15) = $30

*We’re offering Detoxify Yourself as well because some of you will want more information after this 10 days, we promise.

#3. Detox Group ($15) + Complete Truth Protein (discounted at $25) = $40

*We will be talking about Complete Truth Protein simply because we fill our body with horrible protein supplements that usually contain large amounts of sugar!

#4. The Complete Package! Detox Group ($15), Detoxify Yourself ($15), Complete Truth Protein ($25) = $55

*We are a legitimate business, which means we have to pay taxes ourselves unfortunately, so please add 5% tax on top of the package you’d like to order. 

How do I pay?

Let’s keep this as simple as possible. If you are purchasing in Canada please e-transfer to: drewtaddia@gmail.com. You don’t need to give or ask me for a password, just click on auto deposit and you’re good to go!

If you are a US customer, please use Venmo to the same email address: drewtaddia@gmail.com

If you have any questions at all please send an email or ask in the comments below.

We’re looking forward to working with each and every one of you!

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