Extra Fee to Put Your Order In?

So I was flipping through a website last night and came across this ridiculousness.

I mean, coming from that backend of business I can understand why some charges are implemented. Even though in the past I didn’t really understand them.

Restocking fees for example, it takes an employee time to pull items off a shelf, and get them ready to be shipped or picked up. That employee costs the business money to do that, in which they could be doing something else. If those need to be put back, then I can justify a restocking fee. Something we think about ourselves to even out the extra time it takes when orders aren’t picked up.

Then there is the cancellation fee. Take a practitioner for example that doesn’t get paid unless you show up. And many people willy nilly cancel at the last minute not thinking about the person who isn’t getting paid and can’t rebook the spot you just canceled at the last minute, which means they can’t get paid for that hour. In this case, a fee makes sense to me.

But this right here, and I’ve seen it before. When a company charges extra to make an order over the phone. I don’t agree, at least at this point in our lives. I mean, sure it takes time from an employee to answer the phone and book, but shouldn’t that be billed into the price?

And on top of that, there’s even a fee for booking online? So regardless of what you do, when you’re purchased you’re almost ‘punished’ with an extra charge to put your order through. It doesn’t make me want to order from companies like this.

And sure, like the examples above it takes extra time to fix mistakes and cover cancellations. But just to put your order in, you have an extra fee? No thank you, I’d rather buy from a company that actually wants our business.

I can say without absolute certainty that we will never have extra charges simply to put an order in. We more than appreciate our customers and every single order that comes in. And we’ll do everything we can to make that easier, more convenient and to show our appreciation to you for choosing us.