This is slightly unique. So this is Mag Bucha. So you know what that means? We’ve got magnesium and kombucha combined in one bottle. We’ve been working on this for a while now, so we’ve heard from a number of different people that take magnesium and they put their magnesium in their kombucha. Anyways, some people don’t like the flavor of Liquid Magnesium.

And we always tell them like, you can put it in your smoothie, you can put it in kombucha. So there’s a lot of different things that you can do with the combination. We love Kombucha. We’ve been taking it for years. We’ve been making it. I started out with kefir grains. That was years ago. At one point in time I had our cupboards full of homemade kombucha and then Dorothy is like, ‘You have to stop. This obsession is getting too much.’ I was like a mad scientist. So anyways, it just makes sense, just makes so much sense.

There are tons of health benefits of kombucha, it’s really based around your gut and digestion. Most of you guys know, digestion and energy is something that we’ve been talking about and specializing in for years. So it just makes sense to come up with our own Kombucha product. So we put in our magnesium.

So this is one serving. You can buy a single one, but we also are going to sell them in six packs so you can have them every day for a week, and we’re just kind of guessing or assuming that people might miss a day. We’re going to have a bit of a discount for ordering six and then we’re going to sell them in a 24 pack as well. So any time you buy more quantities, the price per unit drops. So that’s why we’re very excited about it. This is going to be your recommended daily allowance. So this is going to be one serving of magnesium plus your kombucha, which has tons of health benefits. These are living bacteria that go into your gut and digestion and intestines. It helps break down food and it helps put your body in a more alkaline state. Most of our bodies are in an acidic state processed food, meat, dairy, refined sugar thanks to our theme. So we want our body to be in an alkaline state. Kombucha can do that for us and at least at this point I haven’t done a ton of digging, but I don’t know any company that is putting magnesium in a kombucha and selling it in one unit. So I think that’s pretty cool.

This flavor is ginger turmeric. It’s not super carbonated, which I like, because when I take a sip of something and I get all those bubbles in my throat, I don’t love that.

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