Freedom, Nurses and Jobs Lost Due to Mandates

Freedom and Nurses

Not one single person should lose their jobs over this experimental medication. LEAST of all front line workers. I’m talking about nurses, angels on earth, that offer everything they have in return for our health.

They’ve been there since day one, even before we all knew what was going on. Taking care of countless people, and this is how we thank them? This is how they are repaid for their sacrifices.

I’m already getting messages from people knowing they’ll have to change professions and are looking for work. And I wish I could employ every single one of them. And I’ll do my best to grow and find a place for anyone that wants to join our team.

Freedom and Nurses

But I have to believe there is a reason for everything, I also choose to see the good in each situation. I feel like there will be an influx in entrepreneurship and people following their dreams, passions and purpose.

I believe people that have been thinking, planning and talking about going out and doing their own thing will finally take the leap. And although countless struggles will follow, there is no replacement for doing what you love.

I would happily coach or mentor every single one of them for nothing, who wants help starting their own business that has been forced down a path to lose everything they’ve worked for. However there is much to gain on the road less traveled, which could very well be a crowded road in the near future.

Freedom and Nurses

I see excitement, enthusiasm and better options for those that choose to exercise their freedom, their rights, and above all else freedom of speech and the right to do what they want with their own bodies. 

Stand strong, you’re not alone. Every single day I get a new message from someone that believes as we do which only offers me more strength on this path that’s too hard for many to follow.