So here’s the thing, I’d MUCH rather pay or compensate trusted customers, friends, family members, etc, instead of using paid ads. Why would I pad the pockets of a billion dollar company like Facebook or Google?

Someone might say because Google and Facebook ads work. And I’m sure they do. But in most cases we follow the road less traveled and make our own footprints to find the path to success.

Paid Advertising

Honestly years ago I tried paid ads and they didn’t do much good for me. Likely because I didn’t know what I was doing. But even thinking about looking at their confusing ‘ads manager’, along with trying to follow their guidlines and restrictions gives me more more anxiety that I’d like to experience.

And finding a trusted agency that’s affordable and does what they say, we’ll chalk that up in the same category as what happens to planes in the Bermuda triangle (at least from my experience).

We’re all about supporting local, supporting those that support us, so why no take a different approach to this ambassador program.

Affiliate Program

Some of you may have also heard of something called an Affiliate Program. With the process you get a unique url or link, and you share that link with friends. Any time your friend purchases from the website using your link, you get a % of the sale.

We also looking into this option which is of interest but most of these programs are a few hundred dollars and usually include a monthly fee. Which is all well and good, however at this time I’d still like to try a different approach with a slightly different angle.

Conventional Ambassador Programs

There are many different ways conventional ambassador programs work. The just of it is, you find an ‘influencer’ on social media for example. The influencer usually has anywhere from 10,000 followers and up to the millions.

You reach out to an influencer and ask them what they charge and if they’d be will to represent your product. ‘Represent’ = post product of your products on your page.

Working out a deal includes possibly paying them a fee, offering them free product and or giving them a percentage of the sales likely in an ‘affiliate program’ matter. Which is why you see all kinds of people that say, ‘use my code for $20% off.’

The problem here is they likely don’t know you, may not care about your product or brand, and it’s possible their audience won’t care either. Simply holding a product up and taking a picture may or may not generate sales.

This is another option to be considered in the the future. But truthfully I feel like posting product pictures hold much more weight coming from an actual customer. Someone who believes in your brand, uses and believes in your product and is posting for genuine purposes and not directly to make a few bucks.

You Are An Influencer

Here’s the thing, you’re already an influencer. We all are. If you have any social media account and share anything on your page at all, you’re influencing someone.

Many times we don’t even realize how much our posts influence our audience or those that follow our page.

Are you often posting about politics? Well that sends a clear message of what you believe in, same with religion. And how about food, that certainly influences others on what recipes they could use themselves or even what restaurants to eat at.

Truth be told, we already have a good number of people that post about our products without us offering any compensation, without any expectations. So why not reward that action? Which is exactly what we want to do, and possibly even create more of.

True Form's Ambassador Program
How can you become a True Form Brand Ambassador

Ambassador Trial Program

The main goal of this program is to design some sort of system that rewards those that are willing to post and share about our products on their social media accounts and pages.

That could be on whichever platform you choose to use. That could be stories, posts, however you naturally and organically use your platforms.

Do you need a following?


Do you need to make a sale to be compensated?


We like to reward action instead of results. So the basis of this program will be to post on your social media page. If you don’t have a social media page, this likely won’t be for you.

If you have a social media page and don’t post anything or don’t want to post our products, again, this likely isn’t for you.

In the trial program, we’re looking for a handful of people that can offer us feedback, that will openly share their opinion about what will motivate them to post, how often posting is reasonable to expect. Etc.

If you don’t like offer feedback or if sharing your opinion is a challenge this trial period may not be the best option for you at this time.

Our Hope

Our hope is to find an amazing group of people that enjoy sharing their experiences with our products. That we can fairly and regularly compensate the action of sharing with free product.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like free product? And instead of us, increasing our marking budget and giving it to a giant corporation to reach more people, we’re more than happy to give you that in product instead.

It’s very hard to find new customers interested in our products. There’s only so much organic outreach we can generate. However if we can successfully find new and different inspired people to continue to share our products and services to their people, their audiences which include their friends and family, all in which whom we don’t know and they likely don’t know us….

Then we’ll be able to continue to reach more people, introduce new products and services to new people, grow out outreach, customer base and help more people improve their health which is ultimately our main goal and purpose in life.

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