Why we Spend NOTHING on Facebook or Google Ads

You know what I just realized during a live video, which I shared openly. We spend absolutely ZERO money on ads of any kind at the moment, which has been the case for awhile now.
We don’t do google ads, we don’t do Facebook ads which would sound absurd to many businesses. In fact most marketing people would say, it’s a prime time to get a great return on Facebook ads.
You know when you see a small ‘sponsored’ label under a video or post that often has thousands of views, likes or comments? Those are paid ads to get the post in front of you.
Personally, I feel like if you put up good enough content people will share. If you care about your products and services your customers will see that and they’ll choose to support you.
Most of you on this page know we’re not all about sales. We don’t post product after product, sale after sale, telling you to ‘sign up now before it’s too late!’.
Which is why we’re so grateful and try to express our gratitude as much as possible when someone shares one of our posts, when someone recommends our business, products and services; when we get a like or comment, or even when you pop in for one of our live videos.
Someone recently said, ‘it’s clear you guys love what you do’; without question, we do. The thing is, without your support, without our amazing community, without so many backing us with positivity and bright light, we wouldn’t be able to do this. We wouldn’t be able to wake up and live our passion and create new products and services to help improve the health of those following along with us.
It’s pretty challenging to keep up with giant companies who have hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing money to ‘boost’ their facebook posts whenever they want.
So we choose a different route. We choose to put out the best possible content day after day, we choose to live our purpose, lead by example and express how much your support means to us each and every day.
That’s where our marketing money goes. It goes to a post like this, it goes to putting more time and effort into a video or a personal message, instead of an ‘ad campaign’.
Will we regret this choice in the future, will we feel like we missed out 5 years from now when everyone is talking about how they no longer get the return they used to from FB ads.
We tend not to live in the past, so confidently I’m going to say no, we won’t regret it. In fact I feel like we’re ahead when many might feel like we’re behind. I feel like more companies will go smaller, more will go personal. They soon spend the time to reach out to a customer that we call a friend.
They’ll take the time or pay the money to offer quality customer service, which every customer deserves.
They take more time and put more effort into a meaningful post or message instead of posting one more product ad that no one really wants to see.
So are we ahead or behind, will we feel regret or appreciation. The answer is clear to us, and we hope it’s clear to you too.