You know what’s most disturbing — about these clips when you watch many of Hitler’s old video footage?

It’s not the SS who were paid to follow him and possibly had their lives threatened if they chose otherwise.

It’s not the politicians that allied with him like Russia’s Stalin, at least for a short time…

And sure, people hated him. Even though they tried to assassinate him at least 6 times…

He was loved by the masses. That’s the most staggering and shocking aspect when I look at this window of history.

People filled the streets, they cheered, they cried, they worshipped. Have you seen his famous speech!? Did you see the people cheering?

Utter and absolute madness that not just one person but millions of followers agreed with his belief system.

And we don’t think history repeats itself? How many people said afterwards ‘we can’t believe we let this happen’.

All the while there was people standing up and speaking out in agreement with the segregation, with moving the Jews to the ghetto, with thinking of them as lower class citizens- not allowing them to own businesses or their own homes.

And we think times are different. We think not allowing a certain population to attend public events, not allowing certain businesses keep their establishments open to feed their families.

Not even allowing children to go to school, who are already years behind of where they’d be otherwise.

We think times have changed. We think we’re more civilized, more educated and even ‘safer’ from tyranny?

Think again. Think about the propaganda not sent out in flyers or on the radio like it was in the past but through electronic billboards, the news and social media.

Think of the power they have now when the tyrants take everything, even our ability to breath fresh air locked down in our homes and masked up when leaving.

Then think about all the people that not only comply but are in agreement that they actually care for our wellbeing….

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