Truth Bomb

Truth Bomb! Sometimes we run into someone in town and we have no idea who they are. Don’t get me wrong, we often know exactly who they are. But the odd time, we haven’t seen them in person in years and we all know our social media profile pic rarely stays up to date.

And of course the last 2 years didn’t help with being able to recognize someone in the grocery store, even if people wanted to talk.

It seems as though more random strangers stop us to see our little guy, which is super nice as well. But I have to say, it’s an absolute pleasure meeting people in person that we haven’t seen in years. Or even those we see often to stop for a quick chat.

I love it when people stop us to say hi. I understand a lot of people feel like it’s a bother but it really isn’t. We like to stop and talk, and we appreciate it when people ask us how we’re doing and how our personal life is going, along with business.

We know everyone has busy lives and we appreciate when someone takes a few minutes out of their day to say hi.

Even if you don’t know us well, or have only seen us on social media, please feel free to take a moment to say hi if that would interest you. I often feel terrible if I walk by someone and I think I know them from somewhere or we knew each other years ago and I couldn’t put my finger on from where.

I think that’s one of the perks of living in a small town. When you go out there’s a good chance you’ll run into someone that you know. And it’s always nice to catch up, regardless of how short of time it is that you have to say hi.

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